Lower Back pain of an evening

Hi all. I have had back pain quite severe this past week. It’s a dull ache in the lower back. Mostly effects me of a night in bed I go to sleep but then after a couple of hours the pain is horrible and I’m not sleepin. Is this MS related do you think? I havnt pulled my back or injured. Docs have sent me for a x-ray so will have to wait several weeks for that now. Thanks x

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A dodgy gait can throw your body out of line and put additional strain on the back. Worth getting assessed by a physio to help identify the cause of pain. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/back-pain/

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I’m tortured with back pain and i do think it’s all MS related - as Whammel says most likely to do with gait - I do find stretching and even exercise (if possible) helps greatly - kinda, the more active I am, the better my back is…hope you get sorted.

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You are obviously doing exactly the right thing by keeping active, but something I found greatly eased pain was acupuncture.
The MS Therapy Centres sometimes offer this treatment and worth trying if you have one in range.
Home | Multiple Sclerosis National Therapy Centres (msntc.org.uk)

I too suffer with this and I have a full back massage, use heat and try to do some chair pilates, sadly I feel this is something we have to live with, which isn’t easy, chin up.

Hi there,
Every morning I wake up with lower back pain. Then I do twenty minutes physio exercises. Back feels okay again. Until tomorrow morning when it’s time to wake up.