Slipped disc anyone?

Hi all, Here I am unable to sleep again. Tonight is because I have slipped a disc and I am truly 8n agony I have had this for many years ut this time is by far the worst. The Dr’s have always said nothing can be done until it is intolerable. I think the time has come. I literally can’t move without while body has seized up 6o protect the area. Lying here as stiff as a board. Wondering if anyone has experience or had an op. To right this. , Sorry for appalling typing. Anne

I had a prolapsed disc at L5 S1 for years until a laminectomy operation in 1990, which was partially successful and did at least sort out the problem with sciatic pain. At the time there was a reluctance to operate because it was seen as a bit of a gamble, although I suspect things have moved on a fair bit since then.

From what I remember the only things that helped were physio, massage and trying to keep moving, but even that was very limited.

I guess it depends on where your disc is located, but I would certainly be pushing for a breakdown of your options and the likelihood of success. It’s miserable condition and affects everything you do, so I hope you get some decent answers soon.

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Hi Anne

I have no experience of this, just wanted to wish you all the best and send you some gentle ((((hugs)))

Pam x

Thanks both. Dr is sending I strong drugs. as you say Whammel. , à misérable condition. X

My Sister in Law is in hospital as I type recovering from a back op. She had a herniated spine and it is going OK but slow to recover.


Something I have found effective at relieving back pain is acupuncture and worth trying if you have a MS Therapy Centre within range.

Thanks again all. Good advice. Unfortunately no MS Centre here! BIG drugs arrived. Taken about an hour ago. Just tried to get up 30th Hubby.'s help and fainted. Now back in bed.

Don I hope u r sister-in-law law gets better soon. Anbe

I’m really sorry about your slipped disc, I hope that the pain killers help. I’m sorry i haven’t any advice I hope that you feel better soon.

Michelle x

I had a slipped disc 15 years,I had severe pain on a daily occurrence,I was off work for 4 months and given strong painkillers which were of no use,a friend recommended a tens machine I applied it for 2 days and was then pain free altogether you can get a decent one these days for £15

Thanks again all. Actually made it put of bed to ight. On my own!! Two sticks. , à lot of shaking and swearing. But. I am up. Lots of heavy drugs making it all a lot easier. I really hope I can have an op of some sort before too long. Thank-you my friends for all yr concern. You really are the best. Night, Anne X

Hello Anne.

I’m lucky in the back department but I think it’s such rotten luck to get an extra condition. I watched my dad suffer with sciatica. He still went out to work and he had a physical job. Pain makes heroes. I think you can tell we’re all supporting you.

Best wishes, Steve xx