Hi all, I was dx in March of this year after a couple of years of ms/ not ms argy bargy. For the last couple of weeks I have had severe backache and painful fingers and toes. Anyway, after 3 days of trying to get an appointment with my doctor, I eventually agreed to see someone who doesnt know me this evening. He talked through where my aches were and said I had a slipped disc or sciatica and offered me naproxen. I told him I was worried it was a relapse and he said no not ms definitely just a bit of slipped disc action! Now I have no medical training but I didn’t think a slipped disc or sciatica affected your fingers. I am due back at he ms clinic next Wednesday but my daughter is making her First Communion on Saturday and I desperately want to be well for her. Has anyone else had any experience like this or taken naproxen. I am already taking hydrcodeine and amatriptyline but he asked why I was taking amatriptyline as its an anti depressant. I’m really confused, if anyone can help I’d be greatful, Thank you, Chis

Bump coz advice needed

My partner takes Naproxen for severe headaches, I have pinched a few a couple of times when I have bad tooth ache and am riding out the pain until I can get to a dentist.

They are anti inflammatory, quite powerful, pain relievers. My partners dose is 500mg and that is sufficient to last up to 12 hours and will definitely reduce pain and swelling.

As for what nerves affect what, I used to think my nervous system couldn’t possibly be the cause of my toilet problems and it turns out they are, so I think it’s easy to assume much and know little when it comes to the nervous system. A slipped disc my father has had and it was so painful he was confined to bed unable to move for about a week, its possible that was a more severe condition than what you have but I thought I would mention it anyway.

ALL your nerves connected in your hands and feet recieve messages from your brain that travel down your spine, I would say it is certainly possible a slipped disc is putting pressure on your spinal cord which could be giving you painful sensations. Remember, pain is just messages from the brain that something is affecting you.

I am definitely not that experienced of MS pain, however I did have a small patch of skin on my thumb for a few weeks where every time I touched it, it felt like it was being sliced open with a knife. That’s the only real pain I have ever experienced relating to MS that I have noticed so far.

Give the doc the benefit of the doubt, if your problem is MS related the Naproxen probably won’t help, if it is your problem you’ll feel better within an hour or two of taking it.

Hope you feel better soon.

amitriptyline is an anti depressant but it is used for nerve pain. do the chiropractor a favour and tell him!

my friend used it for pain relief when she had cancer.

carole x

Thank you both, as it turned out the chemist was shut and I couldn’t get my prescription, too much pain to go out and get it, waiting for husband to get home from work, Thanks again for taking the time to help, Chis