My GP has prescribed me Naproxen tablets - 250mg 1 or 2 a day.

I’m in such agony with my legs at the moment - they feel so heavy and stiff and I can barely walk.

I’ve reached an all time low with this flipping MS!

Do you guys think things will get better for me?

Sorry for sounding so selfish but I feel so rubbish!!

Thanks Sue xx

Hello Sue

What other drugs do you take? For neuropathic pain, stiffness etc?

It could be that you need something different to Naproxen which is generally used for inflammation in joints and muscles.

If your legs are very stiff, something like Baclofen might help. You need a certain amount of stiffness in your legs (otherwise they’d not hold you up very well), but if they are very stiff something to relax them might help.

If it’s neuropathic pain, then you might benefit from Pregabalin or Gabapentin. Or Amitriptyline.


Hiya - thanks for your reply Sue.

Yes I also take x 3 Baclofen every day and have done for about 20 years,

Oh I thought Amitriptyline was an anti-depressant?



Amitriptyline is an antidepressant, but in lower doses it can be used as a drug for neuropathic pain. It’s usually quite easy to get prescribed by a GP. The therapeutic dose for depression is 50 to 150(+)mg per day. But for neuropathic pain, doses start at 10mg up to about 40 or 50mg. You need to take it in the evening, not too late as it can give you a sort of ‘hangover’ the next day at first. But it definitely works on pain.

You could try increasing your Baclofen anyway. I take about 60mg (or more) per day divided into 10mg first thing, 20mg @ lunchtime, 20mg early evening, then 10mg before bed. I often take another one in the middle of the night as well. Trying to stop waking up with spasms!

You could just try seeing if increasing just by 10mg helps, but watch out to see if it makes your legs too weak.


Thanks again Sue, I’ll definitely increase my dose of Baclofen - like you say by small amounts! Also I’ll visit my GP and ask for Amitriptyline. I’m desperate to get moving again and not have so much pain. I need to take my car to the dealership as the stereo is not working but it’s too much to effort at the moment! xx

Be very careful taking the Naproxen, it’s for short term use only and can also cause dreadful neurological side effects.

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Oh thanks for that Horsemad! I am on my second prescription of Naproxen and I wondered why the Dr has told me I need to see him before any further prescriptions!

Sue xx

Ditch the Naproxen. I expect you are like me, the humidity and heat is making your spasm and stiffness worse. I find the best way to tackle this to WALK…yes walk. It helps. Not far no chance i couldn’t anyway, but i walk in my flat and stretch as well.Better to bite on the bullet then take that fowl stuff.

I always thought it was prescribed more for inflammatory disease short term like RA, arthritis and gout. I cant see it doing much for MS myself.

cramps and stiffness can be helped too with magensium. when its hot we washout our bodies with water fluids, sodium etc so this can make leg cramping worse.

Pain with MS is horrible, but I decided it flows with environment. I know once it cools down again hopefully my legs will behave. but at the moment I am walking through it just a little at a time. soaking me tootsies in cool water too helps.

I am so anti drugs after loosing both grandparents to an over usage of NSAIDS.

Amitriptyline does help although i cant take it as it wipes me out, one paracetamol wipes me out lol. I am the originally light weight lol. I hope you feel better soon, it does improve and you will get your car to the garage. xxxx

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Thanks Crazy Chick - like you I’m not keen for on taking meds but sometimes I’m so desperate to be more mobile and out of pain! But this heat is wacking me ou!!

But looks like it’s going to change tomorrow!

Thanks for the replies … I feel better now after my moan!!

Sue xx

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@eeyoregirl I actually found the naproxen made my mobility worse. t took a long time to actually work out what was causing most of my problems, which included kidney damage so as I said before do be very careful.

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