Slip not trip?!

Random question as I don’t really think of this as a potential symptom, but I just wondered if anyone else is really prone to slipping but doesn’t tend to trip? Whenever I Google it the search results all refer to stumbling over your own feet, I rarely do that, I get off balance and stagger a bit, and occasionally trip up the stairs, but by and large the thing that makes me most “doddery” looking is the way I walk on a slightly damp or muddy surface because I inevitably slip if I’m not extremely careful.

Any idea why this would be, eg is it something about the way I walk that makes me prone to it maybe, and does anyone else experience the same? My 76yr old mum tends to be the one holding me up rather than the other way round, it’s kinda embarrassing!
Thank you!


Have had my fair share of slips from the ground being wet and/or not level. Know the feeling of feeling embarrassed my sister tends to hold my hand on muddy/wet surfaces when we are out to make sure I don’t fall down

Tripping predominates for me, but I’m pretty good at both!

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