The stepping-stones story.

I took recycling down to the rubbish room which is partly flooded after the heavy rain today… so to stop my slippers getting wet I tried taking big strides. Nope can’t do that anymore. I tried going on tippy toes. Nope can’t do that anymore.

So I came up with the ingenious plan…

I used bits of cardboard to make stepping-stones to the skip. Went across with my walker, dumped my recycling in the skip & used stepping-stones to get back… feeling very clever & rather pleased with myself.

Then I thought I can’t really leave all that soggy cardboard on the floor so I went across again picking up stepping-stones & putting them on walker & dumped them in skip. Then I had to walk back through the water without stepping-stones…

Ended up with very wet slippers & walker.

Lesson learnt? Don’t bother doing your recycling when the rubbish room is flooded.

Pat xx


Oh Pat, at least you tried, what a palavar for you though. Obviously you had the end of “Bertha”, although we have had rain all morning and quite strong wind this afternoon, both hubby and me have remarked that we think we’ve been lucky this time.

Hope your slippers have dried out, but go careful cos its always more slippery when wet. Listen to me, anyone would think I was your Mother!! Just worried for your wellbeing.

Our 3 grandsons are camping with their Dad for the week, so hope the weather improves for them.

Pam x


Don’t imagine you would expect to need wellies living in a flat in the middle of London Pat!

Take care of yourself,

love Nina x


Sometimes we have to come up with ingenious ways to do normal things. I still think cardboard stepping stones are a good idea - but it is sometimes difficult to think things through.

life is made up of little decisions eg is it easier to carry all that washing through at once or make two journeys - more walking - taking half a load at a tme. Decisions! Decisions!

hope everything is all dried out where you are now.

Jackie xx


I walk sideways or in a diagonal line when the going gets tough… means I’m less likely to trip and ‘feels’ like I’m going faster but this approach sometimes means it’s a longer route! Sonia x ps. yay for the EDIT button, I can now correct my terrible typing


Lol Pat that made me smile, we should know better at our age

I learnt a long time ago if things could be worse invariably they get worse but if things are bad and could get better they won’t

It’s sods law of prediction or as my brother calls it Wood law, our surname is Wood.

He and I are still waiting for our boat to come in, his boat was sunk mine was never even launched and as I said to him last night if it wasn’t for bad luck we wouldn’t have any luck at all.

Pass the razor blades I ain’t got a shilling for the gas

Don’t know why but it made me think about the donkey that fell down the pit.

Now ask me about the donkey that fell down the pit


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At least your idea was good for your first trip Pat. I hate my slippers getting soggy, they’re probably the most worn item of clothing I own, hope they’re dry now. The storm was nasty, we lost our parasol which flew into next door’s garden and smashed. Not bad considering I’ve spent 2 years trying to get it out of the cast iron stand that has rusted around it. On the positive side at least this winter I’ll be able to cover up my table and chairs!

Hope you’re all well.

Cath xx


Alright Don, I’ll buy it…

What happened with the donkey that fell down the pit???

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Kev the old farmer just left it there to end its days but after a couple of nights of it braying all night the farmer gets up and decides to fill the pit in on top of the donkey!

He gets the shovel and starts chucking dirt down the hole.

The donkey keeps on braying away the farmer keeps on shoveling this goes on for an hour the farmers sweating and stops to look see why the donkey aint shut up yet and theres the donkey shaking the dirt iff his back and about three foot higher than before he had started filling the hole in. Eventually the farmer filled the hole right in and the donkey was saved.

If there is a moral to this story I dont know it

but I expect its something like when your ass is in a hole chuck dirt on it