Bored on a rainy day: Bouncy castle it is then

Boring rainy day in Margate

Shocking weather here in the Midlands too; typical for half-term week, my kids and I are well bored!

Please pleeeeeeeease sun come on out; your vit d properties do wonders for us PPMS folk.

Haha Don… bouncy castle was good idea!!! Hasn’t stopped raining in London… and it’s cold. It’s June on Sunday… where the hell is summer!!! I went bingo (in the communal lounge where I live) and won £4.50… cost me £3.50 to play so in fact I won £1. Hmmm what to spend my winnings on… Any ideas? Pat xx

Hi Don, When I read the thread title I thought goodness me, this is going to be a story about Don’s escapades on a bouncy castle! Think you were very wise to stick to spectating!! Nina x Pat, a tweeny bar of chocolate? Nina x

Pat chocolate is the answer,

Nina the house has steps down to the garden and I haven’t been down them in four years maybe five. I sat in the wheelchair looking out the window the kids couldn’t believe that the bouncy castle was really for them. Our son’s girlfriend had organised it and what a day they all had. A return visit is planned soon.

What a wonderful day for you all! I’ve got steps too Don, having recently had to use my chair more we decided to look into Ramps, but the only thing we could find for relatively steep steps, was an enormous thing that went on for what seemed like half a mile and cost the earth. Luckily for me I can manage them somedays, even so I’d love to find a solution for the days I can’t. Nina x

Nina I have decided a firemans pole is the answer and a crane to get me back up

Ha! Good one Don! Let me know if it works! Nina x

Fireman’s pole sounds good to me lol

Pam x

I’m not bothered about getting a pole but a crane to get me upstairs to bed sounds wonderful. That staircase gets longer and steeper to make sure I’m tired for bedtime I’m sure.

Cath xx


Fireman’s pole sounds good to me lol

Pam x

[/quote] What about a Polish fireman? :wink:

Could come a close second Kev!

Pam x

I tried to climb my pole last week, with rubbish results… footdrop also means the complete inability to flex my right foot!

Actually, that can be my weekend task, attempt to climb pole left footed - when I instructed, I did make everyone try to do everything on both sides, so I really should try it :wink:

Sonia x

Hi Sonia, I thought of you when Don mentioned Fire men and poles! Its horrible, isn’t it when you suddenly find something that you could do well becomes impossible ? Good luck when you try it with your left foot. Nina x Kev, I would take any make of fireman that could carry me down my steps elegantly, instead of looking like a two ton sack of spuds! Nina x

Nina I had a phone call from a guy I worked with twenty years ago last night, (thats not gramatically correct but I cant be bothered to change it) and we were talking about old times he is a carpenter and was pricing a Roof this week and was thinking about me.I cant get up the ladders in my wheelchair so had to turn down his offer of a job (I was a roof tiler) we have to give these things up gradually but miss them.Memories are great and all that hard work I did now looks fine through my rose coloured specticals, the ones I use just for reminiscing about how greatn the old days were. anyone else got a pair of them?

Yes I have Don…my husband is always telling me to take them off! Nina x

Oh yes Don, I imagine we all do. I went into the nursing home just to visit a few times and landed up taking blood samples from people, really pleased with myself and said “ring me if you’re stuck” and ended up with weekly lists. I was totally beggared by the time I’d got dressed by day four and had to encourage them to get someone in to train the remaining nurses how to do it. A bit embarrassing but at least I know I’m retired for a valid reason.

Cath xx

NINA life looks much better with them on, you keep them on the alternative is awful.

Cath not at all embarrassing we all have our limitations mine are the same as my expectations VERY LOW but then I am very rarely disappointed

Nina are those glasses available on eBay?

Don once I’ve purchased my glasses I’ll be wonder woman again! Until I’ve got them I’ll follow your example.

Cath xx