Slings with detachable straps

Diagnosed earlier this year and I am house and bed bound. I’m looking for any help/advice on finding a manufacturer that makes slings with detachable straps. The ones with the large plastic locking device are a bit too much for my sensitive skin, so I am looking for something more akin to hook and loop or similar. Any help would be great, as I have been unable to find find anything yet.

Hello chick.
Sorry to hear how much MS has affected your life.
I also use hoists for transfers. I’ve not seen any slings with detachable fittings.
Did you get your slings from Moving & Handling section of Social Services? That’s who got me mine. They would be the guys to ask.
Love Boods xx

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Like PBMS says, I’d go back to the people who provided the hoist. Or you could ask for a referral to an OT, who should know (or be able to find out) what’s available.


Thanks folks, I shall get back to them.