All this equipment!

Have had a very difficult time lately with my husband who has SP. His mobility has reduced very quickly. I phoned the MS nurse and he also spent a day in A&E as a result have had been showered with equipment but not all of it is useful. Has been assessed multiple times in the last couple weeks. In fact you would have difficulty getting in the door theres so much stuff! Today a Molift was delivered along with some slider sheets. The Mo lift is a great idea but you do need to be able to stand and basically he can’t or at least reliably, I watched an online video to get the drift but he is heavier than me so I am not sure this is a starter. Did give it a go, but there’s resistance on a carpet. The slider sheets are 4 way, but it seems that you need access to both sides of the bed to move someone up and that’s not possible. Short term care has been arranged, with a reabling team. There is also a service which gets people up after they fall. You have to pay monthly, but only joined Wednesday and had to call them Thursday night. All feels a bit overwhelming.

Hi, I was with my physio at the beginning of the week and we had a chat about equipment. She commented that she always advises people to accept what is offered. It’s easier to send something back if it’s not useful than to be offered it again at a later stage. Hope things get better or at least a little less overwhelming for you and your husband.