Sliding doors?

What is the best way to open a door? My thoughts are leave it open not always appropriate .
My builder who has a disabled father suggested ‘sliding doors’ what do you think?
Be safe :heart: M x

i have a large patio door which is sliding its so easy to use. My front door which is a fire door is so heavy for me to keep open if i have a delivery.

in my bungalow they are all doors which open and take up a lot of room, and when i try to use my wheelchair i usually end up hitting or scraping them lol, so sliding doors would be great.

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If you’re talking about your new wet room, I’d think sliding doors would be good so long as there’s space for the door when open.

If you end up with traditional doors, have the door open outwards if possible.

Personally, my wet room door stays open unless there’s someone in it.


Just to confuse things even more there are sliding doors and wet room questions!
But I’m pretty sure that you are giving me the answers that I need, it is such a big undertaking.
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mine does but it makes it hard to use a wheelchair from my bedroom as as the rooms are close so when the door is open if i used my wheelchair it hits the door as i am coming out.

Omg, internal building works by amateurs who’ve no idea of the structure of each other’s houses!! :sweat_smile:

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