skin crawling

Hi all,

I think I’m having a relapse(going to see ms nurse on Tuesday).

Had urine dipstick test at GP nurse today and all clear there.

What I’d like to ask is I very recently developed a weird feeling on the right side of my chest(under arm and under my right breast). It feels sore when touched and feels like bugs crawling or spiderweb brushing against the skin. Doesn’t feel like the tingling, numbness or pins and needles I experience in my legs and feet. I definately not had any probelms in my chest before, I can’t wear a bra it feels that strange. Is this common? Its a new one for me.

Thanks in advance

Wishing good health


I’ve had that during a relapse, feels really sore like it’s been actually hurt somehow but it hasn’t. Just another symptom I’m afraid.

Hope your relapse doesn’t last too long.

Hi Becky,

I get the skin crawling feeling now and again all over, but it’s not constant. The trouble is I never know whether I’m actually having a relapse or if these things are just new symptoms?


Hi Becky

Mine was a bit similar during a relapse. My left arm was sore and burning and it felt like ants crawling just under the skin. I couldn’t even bear a thin cotton sheet touching it. My nurse said lots of people say it’s like severe sunburn - I wouldn’t know as I never change colour in the sun but if that’s true why do some people get burnt every year?! It was awful … This was in October and I was running around in sleeveless vests as I couldn’t cope with anything on it! That’s when I was first prescribed amitriptyline but it took a while to kick in. I spent two weeks trying to sleep with one arm hanging out of bed. When the amitriptyline finally worked I slept for about 12 hours straight for the next few nights.

Tracey x

I’ve had this before(during a relapse) - awful feeling but goes with this blasted illness…

I have been suffering from this all week. I firstly came over with fatigue last weekend. Then this unbearable burnign sensation and skin crawling down my right arm. I could’nt even bear the wind, whilst in my garden, on my skin. I thought at first it was the pain I got when I had shingles several years back. I even looked for spots all over. I went to doc’s on Monday who spoke to Nuero who saw me Tuesday (amazingly quick I know). Said it was MS symptoms put me on steroids for 5 days (only started them today so no change yet) Hoping for good results as this is unbearable.

Got this at the moment, no fun. Been off work for a week. Got to see Neuro on Tuesday and it is a relapse. Gave me steroids which I started today. Hoping it works soon, as this burning/crawling is painful