Six cups of coffee can cut risk of MS

Interesting article today on MS society website and daily papers.

I didn’t start drinking coffee until age 32 when I had my daughter and needed the caffeine to stay awake. Diagnosed 4 years later.

Now have 2/3 cups per day

Anyone else with similar story?

Jen x

If it cut the risk to zero, I wouldn’t be on this forum.



I hardly ever drank coffee pre MS and much preferred tea, but these days a couple of espressos definitely puts a spring (sort of) in my step. Not every day mind, so far from addicted.

I love coffee!

about 8 cups a day.

sometimes use decaff but it really isn’t the same.

carole x

Oh god, drink coffee, don’t drink coffee, eat chocolate, avoid it, do this, don’t do that, blah, blah, blah.

Bit late now.

(Btw I’ve always drunk coffee, not to excess, but at least the amount in the research. Didn’t make a bit of difference to me.)



I lurves ma coffee… currently sat here looking at mug #3 and it is only 11am. I will have at least another one or two today, before i try to lay my twitching, hyper caffeinated body down to sleep!

Does this amount of caffeine intake impact upon those whose MS antagonises the need to void one’s bladder frequently?

I used to drink about 6 -10 cups of coffee when I used to do 12 hour shifts at work so I guess there must be some exceptions in their research!

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I used to drink 4 or 5 cups a day. Now anything more than 1 a day and it’s seems I’m needing to pee every 15 minutes.

Beanies Cinder Toffee, or Douwe Egberts Smooth caramel. Oh yeah !

I drank about ten mugs of coffee a day from being in my late teens. My MS started when I was in my early thirties gradually progressed till late forties when I had my last and most severe relapse. I couldn’t bear to drink coffee for the nine months the relapse knocked me off my feet. When I started feeling better I found I still liked coffee but I only have one or two a week.

I think that in extreme case our body tells us what we need (by craving) and reject the things we don’t need or are bad for us by making them unpalatable.

Jan x

I drink 4 or 5 large mugs a day. Been drinking coffee since I was 12 or so, didn’t make a bit of difference to my MS.

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I live in nw Spain, where the coffee and the living is cheap. I love my coffee. As long as the balance between coffee and milk is just right.

i have discovered that I absolutely hate Nescafé. Spoilt,I know, but it’s awful. People buy the Tassimo machines and don’t get the taste they are used to.

We make coffee in a jug at home and it stays fresh for longer than you imagine. I microwave it and add milk when I’m In the mood. Too much irritates my urethra. One cup per day is enough. It’s strong stuff though. I think coffee and gin are what keeps me going.

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I agree with the hatred of nescafe but due to other reasons such as their aggressive marketing of baby formula to 3rd world countries who can’t access clean water. They are imho, malevolent shitehawks of the highest order who put profit before principle. Just a thought. Drink any coffee but please don’t drink nescafe

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I kind of agree with you Ollie, however, Nestle who own Nescafé also own many other big name household brands which don’t get the bad press Nescafé does. For eg Kitkat, smarties, Vittel, obviously Nespresso. And has a big shareholding in l’Oreal. So while Nestle have a deservedly bad reputation for marketing baby formula to less developed countries without clean water, if you’re going to veto their products, you can’t restrict it to Nescafé and feel you’re taking a moral stand. In addition, there are problems with most of the multinational companies. They all tend to have fingers in rather dubious pies. And let’s not get started on big Pharma, without which we’d not have half the MS drugs we do, and yet there are countless stories about their various nefarious practices.

(I don’t drink Nescafé because it’s horrible!)


I had a look at Nescafé brands and found pet food, glass bottled water, luxury ice cream plus more.

you’re totally right sue- i don’t use any nestle products for this reason, and that includes my former favourite kitkats. it is really restrictive but i try to actively avoid any company that has dubious trading or ethics. i don’t drink any coca cola products either. it is the small acts of revolt that make a difference. doesn’t make me popular with my kids at times though!

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I meant Nestle not Nescafe brands. Nestle brands include Bakers pet food , Purina pet food, Felix pet food, Haagen Dazs Ice cream. S.Pelligrino bottled water and Perrier bottled water.

I boycott Nestle products too. It really is not that difficult. Even their pet food products have been under recall lately due to inappropriate processing. Just a nasty purveyor of poison!

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That’s interesting. I’ve had to drink decaff for years as caffeine made me nauseous, however I have recently discovered that I can drink caffeinated coffee again (because I didn’t want to ask for decaff in the hospital!). Perhaps I should make a permanent switch!

nice one, paolo