Caffine tablets

I am feeling really fatigued in the afternoons. One day a week I do a split shift and it tires me out. Do you think taking a couple of caffine tablets might give me a boost? I don’t take any other medicine for my MS and it really is only one day a week I need a kick to keep up. The rest of the week I can rest in the afternoon so it is never a problem? Thanks for any advice x

Hi Amanda,

It probably wouldn’t hurt to try - especially if it’s only one day a week.

Gotta be honest, I don’t think it’s the solution, though.

Try it once, and see?



Hi, as Tina says why not give it a try, it’s unlikely to harm in the quantity you are talking about and it might help, even if it just has a placebo effect. Cheryl:)

A couple of double espressos definitely gets me walking better, but pro plus just gives me bulging eyes. I agree with the others and can’t see the harm in trying.

Hi I agree with the others, it can’t hurt to try. Just remember though that if you have bladder problems with your MS, caffeine is one of the worst things you can take to irritate it. Teresa xx

I have a red bull day on a Thursday. I’m flagging by that point in the week. Have a couple of redbulls to get through work then deal with the come down later. Suz xx

Thanks everyone. I will give it a go And thanks Suz for reminding me about Red Bull. I like that so I will have a couple of those instead lol x

Just a thought, you say it is only the one day a week when you do the split shift, that you have a problem, I don’t know what you do but it might be worth asking your employer if any adaptations could be put in place to help you with this. Cheryl:)

Hi Amanda

Why not visit your Dr and get a blood test to see if you are low on Vit B12 and if you are you can get injections every few months and it really gives you a boost. Just a thought to have something other than caffeine - plus it sustains you for much longer.

;-)) Mary