fatigue problem

Hello everyone, I haven’t been on here for a while as I’ve been trying to come to terms with my ms. I was just wondering if anyone had any information about bad fatigue, I get it every day a 4pm, I cant keep my eyes open, I have 3 very young children that need there mum to stay awake, I’ve tryed tea and red bull, they only work for an hr. I just feal like a bad mum all the time. Any advice please.

I get very bad fatigue sometimes when moving around the house in the morning time. Its like feeling tired, faint and just a horrid feeling of either falling over or going to sleep on my feet. Its not a very nice state of affairs but its either the MS or something else. Anaemia can be a factor, as with me. Mine showed up in a routine FBC test. Have to take iron tablets in the short term. Had to endure a routine endoscopy and colonoscopy because of the anaemia. I get bouts of feeling below par most days but the fatigue is only short term but can crop up at anytime during the day. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to check with your GP and they may take a routine full blood count for anaemia or thyroid. Thyroid problems can also cause fatigue. Red Bull wont solve your problem. Best advice, see your GP then it will give you peace of mind.

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hi lisa

fatigue is the absolute pits.

you need to learn to pace yourself and take plenty rest.

break your jobs down into 10 minute bursts, followed by a rest.

i know that will seem totally alien to you but try it for a day and see if it helps - have you still got a little left at 4.00?.

young children need to know that they are loved and you can do that!

rest can be by snuggling up with the kids and watching a video.

take any help that is offered. most people who offer to help will be glad of the chance.

your gp may be able to offer meds for fatigue.

the usual one is amantadine but it did nothing for me.

there are others, provigil and modafinil which could be worth a try.

hope you get some respite from the dreaded fatigue.

carole xx

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I used to be an international truck driver (not following the legal rest rules now and again. In fact doing close on 48 hrs work, with 20 min power naps every couple of hrs!)

Trust me, Red Bull (or the other energy drinks) doesn’t work. For a few days, maybe a couple of weeks, it will work but then the periods of a lift get less and less. The drinks rely on heavy amounts of sugar, you probably get more caffeine with a decent tea or coffee, so not good for the weight either.

Have you tried plain water, (common cause apparently of tiredness and fatigue is lack of water,) bananas and the other fruits that lift the system on a slow release system? Pasta is a good source of energy, but again not good for weight issues.

How is it everything I love causes weight issues?

I’m finding that Vit B, D Ginko and the other supplements are no longer working for me, as well as they used to anyway. But upping the water intake and more fruit through the day is. For how long???

I have started a thread on restful sleep, hoping that someone may have some ideas to help me get some.

Sorry, I can’t really offer much help, but anything is worth a go.

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Thank you everyone for ur messages, I plan on seeing my gp next week, if u don’t ask you don’t get, I will let u no how I get on. Thankyou.

I would see if you can get a Modafinil prescription, I found it useful for keeping alert.