Sister brain op update (not MS)

Well, my sister had the op yesterday (against everybody’s better judgment!) and first indications are that it has gone well. The surgeon thinks he managed to get all of the tumour out. She’s had a bit of a problem with low blood pressure post-surgery, but that appears to be returning to normal. She’s still in hospital - no news yet on when she can be discharged.



Hi Tina,

Hopefully the worst is over, hope she recovers quickly.

Pam x

Oh, Tina, you must be sooo relieved. Hopefully they’ll let her home soon and you can all get on with life. I bet yesterday was awful for you, waiting for the phone to ring?

Tracey x

Glad it went well Tina. I wish your sister a speedy recovery.


I was out at college until late yesterday, so I didn’t expect any call unless there was a problem - left my phone on, and informed the tutor just in case, but didn’t think they’d call me out of a full lecture hall unless it was bad news. Had wondered whether to still go to college, but there was absolutely nothing I could do about any of it from here, anyway, so it was probably better to go, and have something to distract me, than to sit at home by myself, jumping out of my skin if the phone happened to ring.

I heard this morning - she has been well enough to speak to Mum on the phone, though not for very long.

I don’t know how long it takes to be sure her eyesight is OK. Obviously she hasn’t woken up blind, otherwise we’d know, but I suppose only time will tell whether her sight is perfectly unaffected.



Yesterday must have been horrible for you Tina, glad all went well and hope she has a speedy and full recovery.

Sonia x

Glad to hear things seem to have gone well. Must be a big relief for you all. Wishing her a quick recovery. Lx

Me Too,

You will both be in my prayers tonight.

Jane x

Hi Tina, by the sounds of things, things have gone well. Was thinking about you yesterday and glad to have an update today. Cheryl:-)

That is good news. Never mind about the quality of the decison-making, as long as the outcome is good!



That’s good news Tina, I hope your sister continues to make a full recovery.

Thank goodness it looks as if the op went well. I hope your sister is home soon.

Shazzie x

Wishing your sister well - must be such a relief the op is over. Do hope she makes a full recovery and is back with the family soon.

Hope everythings ok Tina, Steve x

Wishing your sister a full and speedy recovery. xx

Hello tina Im glad to hear your sister had her op and the first indications are looking good. Wishing her a speedy recovery. Take care, Polly x

Glad to hear things went well. Fingers crossed she recovers soon. xx

hello tina

so pleased your sisters op went well.

big hugs to you all.

channelgirl. x

hello tina

so pleased your sisters op went well.

big hugs to you all.

channelgirl. x