Singular Sclerosis Help

Hi all

First post here!

Last year in May I had severe tingling and loss of sensation in my right hand. This travelled all over the right side of my body and eventually dissipated. The whole thing lasted about three weeks. I have still been left with loss of sensation and slight weakness in my right hand. My GP referred me to a Neurologist and I had an MRI in August. In November at my follow up appointment my Neurologist told me I had a singular sclerosis on my cervical spine and that I had a 50/50 chance of developing MS (having another episode).

I have been really struggling since the episode with motivation, fatigue and concentration. I was watching the panorama programme last night and when one of the ladies mentioned the ‘brain fog’ it really resonated with me. This morning I have come into work and found out I have completely missed an email! I am really upset and feeling very down at the moment.

Can this one area of inflammation on my spinal cord cause these symptoms? My neurologist and the MS nurse sort of brushed this off but I am concerned.

Any advice of reassurance would be very helpful.


I am not a medical expert so I don’t know if the one sclerosis is MS or is to blame for your issues but I wanted to reassure you by saying you are not alone.

My memory is the biggest issue with my MS. I miss emails, forget peoples names (even my wife and kids names) and have a lot of brain fog. It frustrates and upsets me.

I know this doesn’t offer you advice, help or give you an answer but just wanted to say you are not alone. Fingers crossed your symptoms will ease and life will go back to normal soon x

Thank you so much Pops. I have been diagnosed with CIS. I still have the numbness but to be honest I really can live with that. But this brain fog is so upsetting. I just dont feel as sharp and my concentration is very poor. Also the fatigue is really making me feel very down. I’m 25 and I feel like a 90 year old. Sorry for venting x

Hi Pops,

sorry to hear of your symptoms. I can only sympathize as was diagnosed with Clinically Isolated Syndrome in October. It left me with some sensory issues and fatigue. Apparently your body can be repairing itself for up to two years after the ‘attack’ so things may well improve.

fingers crossed


Hi Caroline

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It is both scary and frustrating.

Are they able to offer you any DMD’s or other drugs which may speed up your recovery?

Thanks Pops. No dmd’s until 2 relapses have occurred- crazy hey!

I am getting lots of physio and just trying to get on with life. Will deal with the Dx once a second relapse occurs.

weirdly ms has been talked about over the last year a lot so think I would cope better with a Dx.


For sure, MS can and does cause cognitive problems, but so does prolonged anxiety and uncertainty and a bolt out of the blue about one’s health and everything that it may imply for the future.

All I would say is, it is perfectly possible that your current problems with mood, motivation, mental drive and grip etc are a normal healthy person’s response to what is happening in your life right now. No need to assume just yet that some inexorable disease process already has your brain in its clutches. There is nothing wrong with feeling bad and functioning poorly when frightening things are happening.


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I think you may have Lyme disease. Can be misdiagnosed as MS. Your symptoms sound like it. Research online. Note: Yoy have to be careful about doctors & labs. There are only 3 reliable labs in the U.S. (where I am).