What other illnesses / problems come with MS

Hi All,

I certainly do not want to pry so please accept my apologies if I offend by asking but those who feel comfortable enough would you be happy to say what your other ailments are?

With MS I understand we (in a lose sense as not fully diagnosed yet) are more likely to get bladder, bowel, balance and cognitive difficulties however I wondered what medical conditions we all have? Have they been confirmed as part of or related to MS?

I will go first

I have a CIS diagnosis

I get severe migraines

I have RA since my 20’s

I was diagnosed with fibryomialgia around 15yrs age

I have problems with general and localised pain, exhaustion, balance issues, numbness on one side of my body, sight loss due to ON, brain fog and forgetfulness, weakness on one side of my body causing an obvious limp and bladder and bowel problems however due to an CIS diagnosis noting has been liked up yet although my GP and MS nurse are convinced a full diagnosis should have happened a few years ago now

when I write down my problems they sound so silly however every day is a struggle and they certainly not sill to live with

To those of you happy to reply thank you i hope we can help support each other through this awful disease.

MS arrived with a side order of foul language.

it’s so awful being in constant pain, so i developed a mantra to mutter quietly to myself …"…sh**, f***, s***…"

it doesn’t shift the pain but the only alternative i could come up with was to bang my head into the wall.

hey ho, carry on cussing!


I have tired aching legs, burning soles of feet and I walk around like I’m ready for the knackers yard. I’ve suffered from optic neurosis and double vision but that’s remitted and I’m just left with dodgy legs. I was only diagnosed back in February but I’m now flicking through the list of treatments like a shopping list and getting back to my ms nurse on Monday about which I choose to have. I’ve been told my leg problem isn’t a relapse but is ms related and is unfortunatly a permanent thing as I’ve had it years, and here’s me thinking I was lazy lol getting my diagnosis was unusually relieving as I was made to feel it was all in my head.

One of the worst for me is cognitive problems (hence the term and the thread ‘Brain Fog’). It’s crap.

Last night I started reading a book. The 6th in a series (and I’ve just reread the other 5 because I didn’t remember the plots). Today, I picked it up at lunchtime, my Kindle told me I’d read 16% of the book. I couldn’t remember a thing about what I read last night. So today, I reread the 16% I’d read yesterday. I had zero recall of what I’d read before. I’ve read for about an hour today. And I’m still only on 21%. And I’ve always been a fast reader. Needless to say I will probably have to go back a few pages when I pick it up again.

As a lifelong reader, it drives me insane.

And that’s without forgetting conversations I’ve had with friends, never knowing what’s going to be happening next week, not being able to multitask (and that includes walking and talking simultaneously) and just losing the ability to think.

I lost the ability to walk a few years ago, but losing my marbles is worse.

Don’t let this worry you, I’ve had MS for 21 years, am SP and have never been able to take a DMD mostly because of side effects.

Oh and Carole’s absolutely right, MS = very bad language indeed.


Hiya Syd,

Your problems are not silly, has anyone ever suggested you might have ApS; see

It is a complaint that mimics MS Symptoms except for severe migraines. Yes MS does cause headaches but these can be far worse and constant with Hughes Syndrome.

Check it out Syd.


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