Silly question of the day. Not MS

Today I made a phone call to order some new shoes. I’m a new customer so had to go through various questions, one of them being “do you have a date of birth?” I was tempted just to say, “yes of course I do, doesn’t everyone” but I thought that was mean cos the lady was so lovely. It’s amused me all day though. Little things and little minds I know. :slight_smile:

I thought Jeremy Vine was the worst person for either stating the obvious or asking the most stupid questons, such as yesterday on the phone in bit on his radio show ‘what’s a car port?’, he has to be the most irritating person on the radio and now have to suffer him on Strictly,maybe I won’t bother until he’s voted off. I always wonder why they ask ‘if you mind’ them asking you the security questions.

I was asked what flavour did I want when I asked for a chocolate milkshake… I enquired as to what alternative flavours their chocolate milkshakes came in. …

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I would have answered yes and I’m old enough to buy myself shoes and pay my bills, thank you.

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Love this thread. I work on the phone and have to take personal detail and I sometimes catch myself saying, after asking for their National Insurance number, ‘and do you also know your date of birth?’ Doh!!! of course they do. Makes me giggle every time I do it x

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hiya fp

arent humans intersting and wonderful?!

ellie x

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