Should I worry?


I hope you can help a little, I have had lots if unusual symptoms recently and was referred to a neurologist who has now referred me for an MRI. I won’t whittle in with all my symptoms (there are so many) but this morning I woke up with kind of a numb and weak left side. I can still walk move etc but I kind of can’t feel it. But if someone punched my I can. I hope that makes sense. I can feel like I am walking unusual also. I have my normal headaches and eye pain all day which has been the same for over 4months now

It is now 14hrs in and I am still feeling the same my whole left side is numb and weak. I’m getting shooting pains everywhere but not bad enough to make me cry. As I still have control of my body i don’t want to call a doctor (I also have work tomorrow) but wondered if you think this is normal MS type symptoms (I know there is no such thing as normal really) or should I be really concerned?

i know we have all been there but is it so difficult not to turn into a hypochondriac without a diagnosis.

Hope you can help everyone. Sorry for the long post.

Thank you.

Hi, I dont think you are a hypochondriac....when we have all kinds of unexplained symptoms going on, we tend to concentrate on what our bodys doing. Little things that at one time never bothered us and we didnt spend any time thinking about them, can now seem more vivid.

I`m glad your neuro is doing an MRI…you may get some reasons for your problems.

If you still feel able to cope in the morning, then go into work…if not, try to get to see your GP.

Let us know how you go on, yeh?