Advice please...

Hello MSsociety!

I need your help :frowning: I’m very scared, I have been a hypochondriac my whole life, but this time I feel this is real.

I’m a 22 yo male of french/native american descent, three years ago I started feeling 'pins and needles through my arms and feet for no aparent reason, this lasted for around 2 months. I went to the neuro, and got a brain MRI done, nothing abnormal, blood tests also normal. Soon after this my symptoms became milder.

One year later I had the same symptoms again, got another MRI which also came out normal, the only finding was an abnormality that could suggest chiari I-type, but the neuro said it was too small to mean anything. I stopped caring after the second normal MRI and thought it was all in my mind.

Now, 3 months ago (after 2 years of very mild tingling through my body), the noticeable type of tingling came back, I thought it was me just imagining thing again, but all of sudden my left thumb became paralyzed, there was no previous numbness, I could still feel with it, but I couldn’t raise it no matter how hard I tried, the movement came back progressively through the next 3 hours, a physician I saw said that the chances of it being a ‘systematic disease’ are very low, to stop ‘worrying and stressing myself’ and told me to visit the neuro again.

This last episode freaked me out so much that I’m going to have another MRI taken in two weeks. Could this mean MS? I’m very scared, it stresses me and the only thing I do in my free time is reading about MS :frowning: Could the thumb paralysis be an isolated case, and the tingling just be my brain playing games with me? I’m lost.

Thank you for reading!

ScaredandConfused, from what you have said, you will know better than most that people caught in the toils of health anxiety ALWAYS feel this is real! Which isn’t to say that it isn’t ‘real’ (objectively-speaking) too this time - maybe it is - but please keep reminding yourself that it might not be because it really might not be.

Consulting Dr Google about chronic progressive neurological disorders is a deeply unrewarding hobby, by the way, but I don’t doubt that you know that perfectly well. In fact, I get the impression from your post that you would be your own best source of advice if you would just listen to yourself and pay attention to the calm voice of reason in your heart and recruit it to help you marshal those painful and distressing fears.

I am sorry that you are having a worrying time and hope very much that there turns out to be not much amiss.

Good luck.