Possible Hypochondriac waiting for MRI

Hi all, well after reading some of the posts, I feel I shouldn’t be making heavy weather of this. A few odd things have happened though. I expected the neurologist to brush it off, but they said although it was non-specific I needed a scan although they weren’t seriously concerned.

I have upper left eyelid twitch (not visible)(frequent) - occasional cheek/side of mouth muscle spasm (left) - occasional light tingling left side face/body - occasional dizzy spells - very occasional loss of balance. Bowels often irregular. BUT no headaches, no numbness, no poor vision.

They also thought my face not working symmetrically.


Hi Nick, don’t think of yourself as a hypochondriac! I have lots going on but clear tests, so I got a preliminary diagnosis of Functional Neurological Disorder…but have been referred again. Take a look at, perhaps it might be of some use.

If your neuro is sending you for an MRI he doesn’t think you are a hypochondriac. I don’t either - it does sound like there is something going on (twitches and tingles are not normal and neither are balance issues that happen without obvious reason).

I’m not sure whether your symptoms add up to MS but they do need investigating and I’m glad the wheels are turning for you.

Keep a record of anything else that happens - new symptoms appearing or existing ones changing or going away - it helps when you see your neuro again and he asks how you are and if anything has changed since you last saw him.

Please keep us posted on how you get on.

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Good advice from Mitzi. Getting odd things checked out isn’t making heavy weather of them.

Good luck.