Should I stay or should I go?

As the Clash once sang!

im new here, I haven’t been fully diagnosed yet and have had 1 flare up where I was numb from my feet to chest all over. I also had cramps in hands and found it hard to open jars and more frustratingly play my guitar. It has been 2 years since iv felt anything worthy of worrying about. I have suffered with anxiety and depression since then and have become a complete hypercondriact!

Basically this week iv had a few slight slight tingles, itching and few aches but nothing major, they seem to have gone away but I was at the doctors for something else and asked him about it. He checked me over and checked my eyes. One eye the pupil is dialating slower than the other. I have noticed an ever so slight numbness in left side of face, the same side as dodgy pupil. When I say slight I didn’t really notice but feel it’s got worse today. My eye doesn’t really hurt but slightly achey which can come and go and corner slightly hurts but I have rubbed it a couple of times.

My big question is… Il worries this could be the start of a relapse and possible ON and I’m going away to blackpool to watch rugby this weekend and have a few beers. I’m in norfolk so this is 5 hours from joke for me. I’m going with 2 mates and his dad. I’m also going to wembley on Monday. What I’m really worries about is whether this should hold me back from going? I don’t want to have to go and get medical help in a city I don’t know and last time I was in hospital for ages! I don’t want to be a burden one friends and them to miss out. I also am unsure what would warrant a hospital visit? (I’m thinking more if my eye goes blurry, loss of vision etc) any advice or help would be greatly recieved.


hi blagaman

ain’t it pigging typical that you have 2 outings that you must have been looking forward to and now you’re worrying about mad symptoms?

yes if you lose vision you should go to hospital. they’d probably give you steroids.

it’s a lot of hanging about and a load of faff!

you could risk it and still go - i’d probably be tempted to.

your decision - what would joe strummer say?

“if you go there will be trouble, if you stay there will be double”

good luck and enjoy if you go!

carole x


I feel ok this morning. So I’m off. Wish me luck! I kind of think what’s the worse that’s going to happen and like my mum says I can let it rule my life or I can rule it, I prefer the latter! I’m not even sure whether they would give me steroids? Last time I was on them I turned into the Incredible Hulk but was going through my first bout so understandably was completley mixed with emotions.

Yeah, blinking typical for it to crop up when you have trips planned.

Were you incapacitated last time or in hospital for investigation?

My guess is that this is another flare up and should be being investigated (by neuro) as such . I guess you haven’t been fully diagnosed as you have had 1 attack. Didn’t your GP refer you to a neuro finding one pupil dilating slower than the other, etc.? I would want my eye problem to be investigating to check what was the problem. With your history it seems obvious that it could be optic neuritis (ON). If it is, steroids would probably speed up recovery (of MS symptoms including ON) but have no long term effect. My presenting problem was sudden loss of vision in one eye down to perception of light only and I wasn’t given steroids. I was lucky in that it wasn’t my dominant eye so it didn’t cause much problem. I couldn’t thread a needle but I didn’t do that very often any way.

good luck and enjoy if you go!

He said he would drop a message to neurologist so obviously wasn’t too concerned. I don’t whether they will get in touch or not. It seems to me there’s very little they can do anyway apart from give me steroids. But it’s funny, my eye didn’t present me with any problems until he told me that… So how much of it is hypricondia I couldn’t say!

And sorry, no I was just in hospital a long time because it was at a weekend and there were no doctors about also I had played a big game of rugby and got knocked about quite a bit so they were checking for that too. As I started to get numb the day after the match. Tbh I was kinda chucked out of hospital with some steroids and not so much as a leaflet as they would just call it an isolated incident even though they found lesions on spine and brain. 1 on each.

i’m so glad that you are going!

have a brilliant time and have a pint for me!!

carole x