Advice please panicking a little...

Hi all. I was hoping to get some advice please. Wed 9th may I was sat happily in my chair working when I suddenly had a huge and very painful muscle contraction under my left scapula. It was so painful I could hardly breath but I managed to get myself under the hot shower and relieve some of it. A couple of days later my ring and little fingers on both hands began to have pins and needles and I assumed it was likely a pinched nerve. I called my physio who unfortunately was on holiday so they booked an appointment for me too see another on the following Monday. I saw her and she massaged me and gave me some exercise to do. I tried to contact my MS nurse to see if she had any thoughts but without success. I emailed her and asked for a call back…nothing. Eventually I tried to call her but was told she had gone home and the neuro clinic was closed. It is now 4 days since I saw the physio and the symptoms are not getting better. In fact both of my hands are tingling and I am feeling some arm weakness on both sides. My legs are also are little hwavy though I still have feeling and I can walk. I tried to call the neuro but they are closed at weekends. I have a support important appointment on Tuesday with the IVF clinic that I have been waiting months for. But I am worried in case this is a relapse. I am tempted to call my our of hours doctor and they will likely send me to the hospital but I don’t want to be admitted. Is it stupid to wait until Wed? If it is a relapse could waiting do me any unnecessary harm? I have tried all I can think of and I’m really feeling alone and afraid. I was diagnosed in Jan this year and I am currently not taking any medication. :frowning:


I don’t think they’d admit you to hospital for a non disabling relapse. Yes it does sound like a relapse. But if you’re averse to medication because of IVF, then there’s not much you can do. Obviously you could get oral steroids from your GP, if you’re alright about taking those. I assume you’ve not yet started the IVF process? I suppose it would depend on when you were to start the hormone treatment.

But it is worth considering, what if you had begun the process? What if you were pregnant? You’d have no choice but to live with the relapse. Saying that, as far as I’m aware, pregnancy tends to in some way protect women from relapses, but they do often relapse soon after giving birth.

If you’re OK about taking steroids, then there’s no reason why you can’t get some on Monday.

And it’s not like a relapse is dangerous. Generally, people just live through them. As you say, your legs are weak but you can walk.

I hope the IVF meeting goes well.


Hi Sue. Thank you for replying. I felt a little let down as my MS nurse said I could always call for advice I tried for a few days and heard nothing. I tried the neurologist nothing. I tried her office…nothing. I called the hospital directly they told me to call my GP. I called the GP and they sent me 30 min away to speak to a GP who called the neurology department and they said they will call me back Tuesday to discuss it. I just felt really let down and unsupported and I know it’s silly but I was panicking a little. All I wanted was to know if this is a relapse is there anything I should be doing to prevent unnecessary damage, but I couldn’t get hold of a single person to ask. I know I have RRMS and it’s been 8 months since my first relapse. I will just try to take it easy and wait for it to pass. We haven’t started the IVF yet but I would prefer to delay taking medication until it is really necessary due to the side effects. My neurologist says there is no reason to start them now and it is something we can monitor together. I guess what upset me is that I live in the Netherlands so I am doing all of this is a language which isn’t my native and I just felt very alone and afraid. Thank you for relying to me. X

Hi pain in the shoulder blades can even be a referred pain. It might not be a relapse you may be getting anxious about your IVF appointment.

I would think as you are still able to walk and are mobile you may have had a bad muscle spasm in your shoudler blade or even a referred pain from your diaphragm.

Irritation of nerves that pass along the base of the diaphragm (the muscles that separate the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity) can cause pain which feels like it has originated in your shoulder or shoulder blade

This could have been an MS hug which referred to your shoudler blade. OR you may have iniated the pain from sitting and typing and bending slightly causing a really bad muscle spasm. A muscle spasm if its a bad one can travel down both arms and give you tingling. My friend is suffering with it now she doesnt have MS.

If its a relapse not sure you could do much unless you have steroids, and you dont want them.

I would wait until wednesday, or see your doctor today to just make sure everything else is ok.

Sorry i had no idea what a scapula was lol, so had to google it. I used to get pain in my right shoulder blade many years ago and it turned out to be gallbladder now that was a shock.

Good luck try not to worry too much as anxiety can make all these things so much worse, and even cause tingling and pins and needles in our arms and fingers.

good luck on wednesday. How exciting. xx

Hi. Thank you for replying. I tried to reply before but the forum kept giving me an error. On my way to the neurologist as I type. Also had a physio appointment this morning and he is gonna help me further once we have more information from the neurologist. My manager at work kind of panicked when I told her it might be a relapse. She told me to stop working but I refused and said it’s basically my life now and all I can do is ride it out. I am trying to take control on the situation as best I can and hopefully I can get some more information today. On another note had my first IVF appointment and internal ultrasound everything looked good but he would like to talk to my neurologist before our next meeting.

Hi Satori

how are you now? I just wanted to reply as I have been in a similar situation to you. I was diagnosed and on treatment long before I started IVF. I came off of treatment to start IVF and had a relapse - I was able to have steroids to help with that without it having any effect on my IVF treatment.

As someone above said, pregnancy can help your MS, and I felt really good throughout pregnancy MS wise and have a healthy, beautiful baby (well, shes 15 months now).

I just wanted to wish you luck on your journey.