shortness of breath

Hi all. My GPs tell me I probably have MS but the neuro consultant says I don’t tick enough boxes to make that diagnosis yet. I have periodic tingling in my right foot + lower leg, also my right arm with a reduced grip in my right hand. I sometimes drag my right foot. I get dizzy. Yesterday I hoovered the ground floor of the house and took the hoover upstairs to continue there. By the time I got upstairs I was too dizzy to continue and when I sat down found I was breathing heavily. I’ve had breathlessness similar to this before when I was anaemic. I feel like sh*t today. Very very tired and still slightly breathless. Do you think it’s likely to be something to do with MS this time or something else?

Hi, I found neuros were Lothe to diagnose in a hurry, if they haven’t got enough evidence to point to MS. I pushed for a diagnosis and ended up with a wrong one for 8 years!

Sounds like you might have over done it on the housework front. Pace yourself and spread your activities out more…especially the fun ones like housework!

Have you been checked for asthma and angina?