Shortest day and The Mayans

Hiya all

It’s sounds like something from Doctor Who but it’s the shortest day today. Hurray! T-shirt is at the ready. Summer on the way. Unless…

Yes those wonderful folks called the Mayans think the world is going to end today at 11.11am this morning! According to one interpretation.

See ya later (hopefully)…


11.11 am where?

The UK, New Zealand (too late!) or Mexico…

It’s my wedding anniversay today, do I bother we a card and some flowers then?
It is supposed to all be over by 11:10am.

AnnieB - Good question. I don’t think The Mayans knew about Greenwich Mean Time. LOL!

Paulx - At least you will have a good excuse to tell your wife. “I am so sorry. luv. According to the Mayans we’re doomed today and I thought what’s the point.” Erm come the afternoon. though, I would take her for a meal to say sorry. LOL!


Marty,thanks for reminding me of !! !!.I’m not going to bother doing the washing up,paying the milk man or cutting my fingernails.I wonder if we will be atomized on the planet, or blown into space intact.If it doesn’t happen, we can look forwards to an extra two minutes daylight every day,until June 21st…Now where’s that T shirt?


Wb - No problem. Always glad to be of service. Oh, I’ve already done my breakfast washing up. Doh!



It is the LONGEST day over here in Australia… and at 11.11am (or 10.11am allowing for daylight savings) nothing happened so given that was almost 12 hours ago I think we are safe until the next apocaclyptic scare mongering theory pops up

My understanding of the Mayan calendar is that the Central Americans got invaded by the Spanish Conquistadors before they had a chance to start writing the next instalment of their calendar. Nothing sinister at all beyond being conquered by an invading country and annihilated. So pretty apocalyptic for the actual Mayans and surrounding civilisations that also used their calendar at the time… but had they not been conquered their measurements of time would have kept on ticking on.

Have a Happy Winter Solstice…


You have to go by GMT, so whatever 11:10am GMT is over there, that is the time is all goes down the shute.

I am not sure the Mayans used GMT but there you go.

Poo…I’ve got to do the washing up.

If you are going by GMT the world ended 9 minutes ago…


and there was i feeling pleased that i wouldnt have to put up,with yet another day in this really severe relapse

oh well …

Yes and I am going to have to do Christmas. Bum.

Poor Jaki… must be a rotten relapse if the Apocalypse is preferable

Hope you feel better soon

B xxx

Well, I must of missed it but we’re still here. Yippee!

Now onwards and upwards. Soon there will be light … sun … warmth…

Need to find my t-shirts, sunglasses and shorts in great expectations of these longer days!


well if the world is ending, im planning on coming back as a zombie, running…well dragging me legs behind me chasing after anythin that moves lol

Shortest day - hurray. A robin singing in my back garden this morning. Bring on Spring! Nothing catastrophic happened here either, by the way. Shall have to pay the leccy bill after all.

I was in Morrison’s at the very moment the world was meant to end… hahahaha… believe me it was a bit like the end of the world!

Pat x

Well, as it is now 2.23pm, I guess the world will continue.

I had some chocolates last night and a celebration with my carers. Glad I didn`t empty the choccy tin!

luv Pollx

Oh well, until the next apocalypse.

LoL - I was in M&S. A bit apocalyptic in there too.