Light at the end of the tunnel (not MS)

Here in Bristol, it has never really got properly light today, due to the appalling weather. I’ve needed a light on somewhere in the house, all day.

BUT, did you know that although it’s still a few days to the shortest day, tonight is the earliest sunset?

Due to the tilt of the earth, the earliest sunset actually occurs a few days before the Winter Solstice. So whilst the next few days continue to get shorter, they shorten by sunrise being later, not by sunset getting any earlier. Tomorrow, however imperceptibly, sunset will be just a tiny bit later (seconds).

That’s good news for those of us who are desperate for any feeble sign Winter will not go on forever. I always thought we had to wait until the Solstice for evenings to start getting any lighter, but the process begins tomorrow, even though you won’t notice it. Yay!


Hi Sally,

Nice to hear from a fellow Bristolian - though I’m only an adoptive Bristolian, not born and bred.

No, I don’t go to the therapy centre, because it’s way too far for me. I don’t drive, and public transport from here is awful. I think it would take me the whole day, and I’d be knackered - which defeats the object of going, really.

I live not far from the new centre, which is due to be opening, but I didn’t know it was as soon as January!

It will be a lot more practical for me geographically, but I still don’t know if I’ll be able to go, because if it follows the pattern of the Nailsea one, it looks like most therapies and facilities will only be available working hours, Monday to Friday, and I still work full-time. I probably wouldn’t go to it unless there were some evening or weekend slots available.

All the best,



Hi Tina, this has just cheered me up so thanks. I have to say that it was actually quite a nice day in Aberdeen today, even got some sun. Cheryl:)

Hi Tina, this has just cheered me up so thanks. I have to say that it was actually quite a nice day in Aberdeen today, even got some sun. Cheryl:)

Hi Cheryl,

Glad somewhere’s had it nice. Absolutely horrid here - keeps bucketing down with something, literally every few minutes - snow, rain, hail - you name it.

The garden is waterlogged. I popped outside to feed the poor birds (looking very sad), and it was like walking on wet sponge. Had to be careful not to fall over.

On the positive side (apart from the lengthening evenings), tomorrow is my last day at work for 2011. No more 'til January.

Furthermore, my boss finished tonight, which virtually guarantees a nice, quiet day tomorrow, with no hassle.

I felt a bit sorry for him really, as he was just about to wind-up for the holiday, when I spotted a mistake in his work - something that had to be fixed before he went.

I didn’t do it to be nasty; I’m not that rotten. But he had asked us to review and comment, and hadn’t really expected any comments. So when he asked, and I said: “Yes. Page 5: your sums don’t add up”, there was stunned silence.

They had to add up, because it’s our budget justification for next year (whoever we end up working for). So if it goes in with a big mistake in it, someone might end up out of a job, because we hadn’t budgeted enough.

My two colleagues hadn’t noticed! I’m glad MS doesn’t make me completely braindead, all the time. :wink:



Hi Tina , you lucky thing, you’re off for ages, have a good break. I’m jealous now because I am working up til next Thursday (i am always off on Fridays anyway) and I am working between Christmas and new year and back on the 4th january. I do have holidays to take and if the weather is terrible(I.e snow) I might stay off and just take holidays but At the moment the plan is to go in. Well done on spotting the mistake in your boss’s figures. Enjoy your quiet day tomorrow. I’ll think about you having a quiet hassle free day as I set off to work, because, there are a lot of things I want to finish tomorrow. Cheryl:)