Light at the end of the tunnel.....................................Not a train

Hello there,and I hope this is one of your better days.I’m wondering if you are a Waltonite…Liverpool Neuro,not John Boy.I’ve got an appointment with a Dr Chowler at the Pain Clinic in two weeks and I’ve never met him before,but have you?

I wonder if he is a specialist in anything particular or will just be listening to me whinging and then handing me over to one of his lucky lucky colleagues.You never know we might bump into each other,especially if I’m not paying attention.


Wb x <(L)>

Fingers and toes crossed you get to see someone who can help at last.



Thanks Kim


Hi, the last time anyone asked me if Ive been to the pain clinic, I said No ta…got some already!`

Jokes aside, hope it helps.


Thanks Poll. Some people don’t get our sense of things to laarf at. But that’s MS…

“If you haven’t got it,you don’t get it”.


Wb x

hiya steve

i obviously dont know yer new man…

my friend attented local pain clinic-they just kept upping dose-werent interested in ‘really’ supporting her. shes now on minimal pain relief and has found other ways to control/reduce her pain…

i really do hope that u find the answers/relief u need…

ellie x (ach go on have another 2 xx-am feeling affectionate today!)

Cheers E,those extras make all the difference.Interesting what they did to your friend,but I could be an extra in Trainspotting with the amount of opiates in the system.I want nerve blocking etc and will take odds of 2-1 on something dodgy which might really help.They put me on Morphine patches two years ago but they’re going to need a re-think.

Thanks E,

S xxx