18 week wait for Pain Management Clinic!

Have been told that today by our MS nurse. Husband has been waiting 3 weeks for an appointment after she referred. Still no urgency, just people in chronic pain…

The “Health care proffessionals” dont suffer the pain, Bonnie!! They dont appreiciate our urgency to get things sorted! Sorry if I sound so cynical, had some bad do,s with them lately!! Unfortunately, its your poor hubby & you suffering, cos you have to watch his pain. You go back, give em hell & demand he is seen & soon!! Good luck & keep us posted, I know they are busy, but believe me, some people wont need the service as urgent as your hubby. Ask them to keep you informed to cancellations as well, a lot of people do cancel Tracey xxx

I’m a customer of Walton Neuro in Liverpool and the Pain Clinic only exists for an individual if there is an ongoing trial

Good luck,


Thanks for the responses, wobly - sorry to hear that people in your area can’t get an appointment at all.

Will phone them today to ask about cancellations, as we are only a short distance away and they do cover a large area.