Shopping with Frazer

Frazer loves shopping he’s better than Lee my husband, He never moans and doesn’t mind how long it takes or how much I spend, he’s the perfect companion. Today it was Morrison’s our local shop , everybody knows him there. I usually do an online shop but I always end up at Morrisons for forgotten items . It’s good it gives him chance to practice his skills, today he retrieved my purse from the floor and even managed to pick up a pound coin that I had dropped although it was covered in drool but the funniest thing was at the end I decided I’d have a treat a Cadbury bounty…Frazer dutifully got me one …then two then three I thought I’d end up with a shelfful . He’s brilliant and can keep a secret perfectly he won’t tell anyone how many bounties we bought. Michelle and Frazer xx



Thank you for sharing Michelle. Cheered me up on a difficult day.


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I want Fraser to come shopping with me Michelle, we sound like we have the same idea when it comes to chocolate bars!

Pam x

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Frazer clearly likes to look after you and chocolate is very good at looking after all emotional support

Sonia x

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Lol big hugs to Frazer I have run out of virtual bones today


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Sounds like the perfect shopping companion to me!

Nina xx

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Mmmm! Doesn’t moan, doesn’t mention how much I spend and gives chocolate bars. Where do I get one?

You have a wonder there, Michelle.

Mags xx

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Lol i so need a Frazer in my life Michelle. J x

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Hi Michelle, it sounds like Frazer has his own fan club. Tell me, what breed is he?

All the best Jane X

Thanks everyone, Frazer says Woof…he loves having his own fan club. Jane he is a golden retriever. He’s absolutely gorgeous, he’s quite big and he’s is a proper dark golden colour , he even has ginger eye lashes . He’s sat in front of the fire as I write this . Yesterday he was out shopping with me so he’s tired, I’m tired too but I’ve lost one of my carers and I’m trying to plod through a "to do list " it’s taken me forever just to clear up in the kitchen , I’m completely exhausted now . The postman just called and I fell in a heap at the door . I’ve used up all my spoons and next week’s. See (spoon theory ) apparently when we have a chronic illness we don’t have as many spoons as everyone else. Michelle and Frazer xx

Oh the overspent spoon, I floor myself too often by forgetting I have less spoons in reality than I do in my head. Sonia x