Taking Frazer to the Cinema

I’ve been taking Frazer with me to the cinema, and have to say most of the time he enjoys it. We park up usually right near the front and put his blanket down next to the wheelchair and he will happily sit through 2 hours of film with his doggy treats and a bowl of water, but i’m amazed he seems to be developing a preference for certain films, he loved " Far from the madding crowd " …sat bolt upright when the sheep dog scenes came on,… but i have to say he only just about tolerated " Minions ", he had a very fidgety bottom., The children loved it especially Molly (autistic daughter)… I think Frazer and I felt similar, I was counting the minutes till it ended,…I do hope its not one of the films she insists on seeing over and over again!

Michelle x


Next time Frazer will be wanting popcorn Michelle lol

He sounds a fantastic dog, I would love one, but am sure my little yorkie would not be so amused.

I agree with Frazer on the minions!

Pam x

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Frazer sounds fab.

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When will we be reading Frazer’s film reviews? One bark for good, two for bad and a sort of whimper for so-so. My two old cats, Gladys and Doris, (sadly no longer with us) would go mad for documentaries with birds in them.

Thanks for making me smile on a day too hot to do anything but frown and go phew.

Steve x


I do so love your Frazer stories Michelle!

Hope you’re coping with the heat?

Nina x

Thanks Steve, Gladys and Doris…I love the names, aren’t animals clever? We used to have to have two cats many years ago before we had children. They were called Sylvester and Whisper, I really loved them, they were so full of personality!!!

Its funny I’m sure I saw Frazer wink at me through a romantic film, that dog knows far more than he lets on.!!!

Michelle x

Lol winked at you hey?

Long time since I had a dog fifty years in fact, but I adopt other people’s pets and deliver treats for them which ensures cuddles and cupboard love. They are all mercenaries when I run out of treats zoom gone.

Hello Don,

How are you ? Is the weather suiting you ? Probably not, its been much too hot for me although yesterday I got a good soaking, I took Molly and Isabelle to the park, they had a festival on but as soon as we got there the heavens opened, we were drenched …poor Frazer it took him hours to dry off and he has the distinct smell of “wet dog”

Frazer would love you Don, he loves food, Iv’e had to work really hard with him, because he’s a working dog he has to stay a certain weight…Its funny but he has all my friends worked out…he knows the dog lovers, the ones who’ll scratch behind his ears and let him lick them and he’s very aware of those who are soft and will give him doggy treats, Its a bit like having a child I have to be quite firm and only give allow him treats at certain times …usually for task work, he loves emptying the washing machine and will get treats for doing that and i always have a treat bag attached to the wheelchair , he gets treats when he picks up dropped items or passes me my purse, he also passes me tins and items on the lower shelves in Morrisons.

​Michelle x

Thanks Nina,

I love telling everyone about him, he’s amazing!

Oh love him, I now love him even more.

I used to take Tessa a pork hide ring and then put my walking stick through it, she would play tug of war with me. She was a golden Labrador. I have yet to meet Nancy her replacement she is a border collie. We talk on Facebook, well I type and she woofs back. I can no longer visit her home because of steps and she has yet to meet me in person. She knows my smell because I have sent her boneo’ s.

Am I daft ?

I don’t care if I am I love dogs and cats. Cats distrust me now I am in wheelchair.

Ah Don,

That’s so sweet …Was Tessa your friends dog? Frazer loves playing tug of war… My sons have sausages dangling on pieces of string and play all sorts of rough games with him, Jamie lives in Conway now and Jonathan in Glasgow, im sure Frazer misses them , he loves it when they come home …when my boys all 3 of them are home he joins in with their pranks, i’m sure he thinks he’s a human. Nancy sounds great, I love border collie’s they are so intelligent.

Lee works with dogs he’s in charge of additional needs at Guide dogs, and they have recently trained a dog to work with a man affected by ms , he’s blind and in a wheelchair, Its amazing what a difference these dogs make to peoples lives… Frazer should have been a guide dog but he has a slight cataract so was rejected from their training but Canine Partners trained him to be an assistance/wheelchair dog for me, his eye sight is fine, its just if you are blind you’d need a dog to have perfect vision.

Cats don’t trust me anymore Don, now that I’m in a wheelchair and have Frazer with me!

Your not daft Don …I think your brilliant, you always make me laugh.

A wave from me and Frazer x

And I am waving back and a hug for Frazer, Yes Tessa was a friends dog Heather used to take her on the beach and throw rocks into the sea which she retrieved how do they find the right rock under water??