Frazer enjoyed the Cinema last night

We went to the Cinema last night and saw the “purpose of dogs” it was brilliant Frazer loved it there was a golden retriever called Bailey that looked just like him. Michelle and Frazer xx


Being able to take a dog in the cinema, makes me want a dog now. I seem to know what’s on their mind. Glad you & Frazer enjoyed the cinema. I know dogs like hot dogs, some even look like hot dogs. After my experience with a dog yesterday. Try spraying some coconut oil on the coat. It seems as popular as cat nip to cats. After some advice, I was told dogs love coconut extras & it’s entirely safe for them. Makes them look shiney & smell good too, so win, win.

Take care Michelle.


Hi Michelle

Glad your all had a nice time, I can imagine Fraser sitting bolt up right watching, that’s what my Alfie does on my lap when animals come on the tv, they are so funny, but lovely company.

Loovely day here today.

Pam x