Cinema with Frazer

I took Frazer and my girls to see Peter Rabbit…it was brilliant we all loved it including Frazer, it’s hard to know what he takes in at the cinema being a dog it must be real experience for him , I think his best bit is eating the bits of popcorn people drop on the floor. I was tired today it always takes it out of me when I’ve had an adventurous day . Michelle and Frazer xx

hiya michelle

i saw that today as well but without children! yes-a brill film, glad i made the effort to go.


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Ah well done Michelle, you’re bound to get exhausted every day with all you do, not just for yourself & Frazer, you’re brilliant with your children too.

The adventure to the cinema must have taken some organisation, bet you felt tired when you left the house, never mind the end of your big day. I’m always surprised by how much our dogs understand, Frazer more so 'cos he’s a trained assistance dog I love how you speak of him.

Our dog, Beau, a gorgeous Orange Roan English Cocker Spaniel, isn’t exactly a well trained dog, but he’s flipping clever. He knows the time of all our routines, his feeding times and all his daily walks.

Take care hon, Chrissie xx

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Thanks Ellie, I’m glad you liked it too , I’m a big kid at heart and I love most of the children’s films. It was packed being bank holiday but thankfully the wheelchair space was still available. Michelle and Frazer xx

You are so lovely Chrissy your message was so nice . You are right, I was scared before I got there I was actually shaking in the foyer, I make my myself do things but get very anxious at times. I dont think id do as much without Frazer , he has a way of calming me down. My friend Ann came too we both laughted all the way through it. And the children loved it too . Michelle and Frazer xx

Hello Michelle. The local complex by me has the spaces on the front row so I get a pain in the neck.

But good for you. I have fond memories of the Odeon in Chester. I saw a lot of James Bond there and scared the you know what out of my girlfriend when I took her to see the Omen.

Steve. Woof. x

That must be many years ago Steve that cinema is no longer there. There is a story house one near the old bus station but that’s mainly a theater and does the odd film. The main cinema is at Cheshire oaks, it’s huge. I hope that you are keeping okay Steve I love reading about all your adventures they always inspire me . Michelle and Frazer xx