Jungle book

I took Frazer to see Jungle book on Tuesday night …It was absolutely fabulous well worth watching! Lee got in for free with the CEA card …one of the perks of being a Carer…they get in free if you have the card and Frazer gets in free of course. We sat at the back of the cinema all cosy …in the wheelchair place with Frazer curled up on his blanket, he loved it. The cinema staff always give him a lot of attention and fuss. They were worried that it might be too loud for him but he was fine, he’s used to lots of noise in our house even when Sher Carn the tiger (think thats how you spell it) let out a deafening roar and everyone jumped Frazer didn’t budge.

Michelle & Frazer xx

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It’s on my list Michelle but I’m going to wait for it to hit the big screen in our living room. Our local cinema’s wheelchair spaces are at the front so it comes with a stiff neck as an added bonus.

Glad you enjoyed it. Steve x