Shooting Back pain

I kept getting a sharp shooting nervey sort of pain in my back.

Is that ms related or just back pain?

I haven’t hurt my back and it’s occurring at random and not as a result of movement.

I’m currently in dispute with my MS Consultant over a similar matter. There’s no doubt I have MS but my Osteopath identified a probable trapped nerve in my lower back. It won’t change my MS diagnosis but if curable the back pain may be exaggerating the MS symptoms. My MS Consultant has basically said “it’s not MS, not my problem” which is deplorable.

I’ve sought a second opinion and also have an appointment with a Neurosurgeon.

Get yours checked out and don’t take no for an answer :+1:

That must be so frustrating!
I’m only recently diagnosed and still getting my head around it!
Most of the time the back pain is annoying but manageable but one night it took over my whole body and felt like it was being electrocuted or something.