Does anyone get shivers.I can be standing or sitting anywhere,and i can this shiver that goes through my top body,lasts for seconds,but can be so annoying.I have about 30 to 40 aday.


I get this exactly the same as you’ve described in both my arms and one or both legs. I just try and over-tense my muscles then relax as much as possible and it seems to calm down. Hope this

YES ME! I had this bad before christmas when it was happening every 5 mins. My husband and I were timing it as if it were contractions lol!

I don’t get it as often now but does feel like someone has “walked over my grave” or “tugging at my heart strings” if you know what I mean?

That is it exactly babylove.Is it part of ms i really dont know.Makes a change havent had it today but u never know when its going to happen again.

Thanks for all the replys


I would say it is. Only my left arm and chest was affected, surely if it was a proper shiver it would have been my whole body. As we know ms affects our nerves and brain signals so this would be caused by that too. Lindsay x