Is this ms tingling?

Hi everyone, Im an undiagnosed story, transverse myelitus 2 years ago. Neuro doesn’t want to see me unless I have a weakness in a limb or blurred vision in one eye scenario. I think what I have everynow and then had been going on for a while, it doesn’t really bother me as its been and gone in seconds. Every now and then I will get tingles in one leg or the other (only top half of legs and mainly at the back of my legs), I can only describe it as when you get a quick shiver and you sort of feel goose bumps over your skin. I don’t feel cold like a shiver would do but it’s got that sort of tingling affect. Does this sound like a typical ms tingle in a typical place? I’m not going to go off to neuro as I know he won’t be particulary interested and it’s not bothering me as such. No weakness etc with it. Thought i would run it by you guys. Thanks T x

Hi, i’m not DX. I have had tingling/buzzing and pins and needles for a long time now. Neuro said it was depression, hospital A&E suspected MS, ENT specialist i’m seeing for balance issues says he thins there is something neurological going on too as the weakness, blurred vision. nerve pain and confusion can’t all be attrubuted to the vestibular disease they are faily certain I have. The buzzing and tingling sensations seem consistant with what others here have experienced. Its a long and confusing road to DX x

Hi T I have this as one of my MS symptoms… It’s caused by a spinal lesion I have. It’s so odd. Happens hundreds of times per day. Sometimes makes me shudder. Goes down my back, buttocks and back of my legs… Like someone switching the shower on I think! Love Lilly xxx


I have had tingling/prickling sensations off and on for many years, over the last few years it has become chronic… I have also experienced bouts of the sensation yu are describing.

Have had two bouts of dizziness, lasting for sevaral weeks each time.

Also for approx 4 years have had chronic hip pain so I cannot lie on my side for more than a minute or so, one side has improved but the other remains the same, Doc says it is burstis, have seen physio, but exercises have not helped. I had this type of pain mildly a few years earlier, but it completely went.

I have had deep pain in my buttocks for past year and a half, varies in intensity, but sometimes really bad, and the base of my spine is often painful…I have been told to see an osteo as, to quote, “it is something you will probally have for the rest of your life”

Periods of cramps in feet and calfs in bed.

I also have had bouts of extreme tiredness, when all I want to do is sleep. Cognitive problems, muddling words, problem solving, concentration, losing things…

I have been back and forth to doctors but its never been resolved, have seen neuro twice, one many years ago and one recently who felt no need to give me an MRI unless symtoms got worse…he said that after all these years if it was anything, my symptoms would be worse by now - but they are!! I am easily made to feel like a timewaster:(

Unfortunatly my daughter has been diagnosed with MS this year, and I feel they have even more reason to think I am neurotic! Should have pressed doctors more over the years maybe, but as things came and went and I seemed ok, just took their word for it and left it. My advice is keep pressing early on and hopefully you will be taken notice of!!

Hope you get some answers soon.