A few questions please


I don’t have a diagnosis for anything other than chronic migraine at the moment and am trying to get doctors apointment but am driving myself crazy with not knowing if my symptoms are anxiety or could be MS or from my migraine.

I have had tingling and altered sensations in my left leg for a few months but I do NOT have numbness - so my first question is can you have MS with no numbness and only tingling? The tingling is like a sudden gooseflesh that lasts for a few seconds only on my shin and then goes.

I have developed tremors in my left hand and arm and to a lesser extent in my right arm - these tend to be worse after exercise or after my shower - so my second question is with MS tremors when are they worse?

These particular symptoms have been present daily since September for the tingling and October for the tremors - is it usual to have symptoms persist or should they come and go?

Last thing I have noticed recently is slightly blurred vision, I am shortsighted so could be a prescription thing however I have been recently checked and they just said my eyesight was worse. I have on and off blurryness all day in both eyes. Would this be usual for MS or has anxiety taken hold? When I was at the opticians they did not mention a problem with my optic nerve but I have yet to do the peripheral vision test (their machine had broken whilst I was there)

I have to dash to work now but would be interested in anybodies answers based on their symptoms. I know I am probably just being stupid and don’t have MS but have had so mnay weird symptoms over the years I cant help but question.

Thank you :slight_smile:


You do present some signs and I would suggest you get seen by a neuro sooner rather than later. Anxiety is a little brat and can make peoples mind run away with itself - a neuro would be able to confirm anything though via diagnostics such as MRI to check brain and spinal cord.


You should keep in mind that MS has many symptoms that can be shared with other diagnoses, including migraine. So it’s really not possible to say ‘this sounds like MS’, or ‘that doesn’t sound like MS’.

Have you seen your GP over these symptoms? If so, what was their reaction? If you haven’t, I would urge you to see your GP and discuss these symptoms and see whether s/he considers a referral to a neurologist. I wouldn’t suggest to your GP that you think it could be MS. Doctors prefer to consider symptoms and come to a decision themselves. There’s no harm in requesting a referral to a neurologist, given that the symptoms you are experiencing are likely to be considered as coming from a neurological source.

Best of luck.


Thank you both.

Originally I saw a doctor nearly 10 years ago after a bout of severe dizziness and off balance that they did an MRI for and told me I had chronic vestibular migraine. Apparantly I had an ‘arachnoid cyst’ on the MRI but they felt it was incidental and I had probably be born with it (though I didn’t find this very reassuring)

Over the years I have been fatigued and had various symptoms such as needing to pee overnight and heavy legs when climbing stairs…nothing too serious as such but things on and off.

Went to the doctors a month ago when I had just the tingling (at the time my dizziness was worse too) and I was given Amitriptyline to try for migraine, I asked about the tingling 3 times and the doctor kept shrugging it off and said it was probably the migraine. I have never had tingling with migraine and its just in one area of my leg so it seemed weird. The Amtrupttyline helped my headaches and my dizziness had been less too but I still have the tingling and now the tremor and eye thing.

Phoned the doctors yesterday and they are booked up until the 30th, might catch a cancelled appointment if I ring every morning. Not sure if this is urgent enough to go to the urgent care centre we have here since its been going on for a few weeks.