My symptoms. Could it be Ms?

My symptoms ever go, I have them every day but some days they are worse than others

Tingling in hands and feet for 5 years, every day.

Burning feeling in hands and feet

buzzing sensation in places on legs.

Feeling of my legs always humming

Numbness in finger tips.

Shivery/goosebumps sensation over lower half.

Muscles tire easily

I had a brain Mri 5 years a go and saw neurologist who said Mri was fine and tingling will go

had mri of brain 2 weeks ago, clear

waiting to see neurologist again as still getting symptoms daily.

And I get a tingling/vibratey feeling at the top of my back


I’m not a doctor - to the best of my knowledge, nobody here is (and if they were, I certainly wouldn’t blame them for shutting up about it).

However, I would say that clear MRIs five years apart make it very unlikely you have MS - especially if symptoms have persisted the whole time. Yes, it can be a tricky beggar to diagnose, especially in the early stages, but it doesn’t stay invisible forever.

If somebody had had MS for at least five years, I’d expect to be able to see something by now. It is a progressive disease, and damage mounts up. So odd that there would still be no evidence after years.

More than that, I can’t say, except that there are over 100 other conditions that can cause some of the same symptoms. If MRIs continue to be clear after years, perhaps the spotlight should shift to some of the other suspects?

But that’s really up to your neuro, and you’ll have to wait to see what he says.


Thank you for the reassurance.

I’m just finding it so difficult to think it’s anything else.

I worry that that the lesions are on my spine and that’s why they’ve never been found :frowning: I hate all this waiting and feeling so helpless.

Again, it would be very unusual, after a number of years, to have lesions ONLY in the spine. Most people with MS do develop one or more spinal lesions eventually, but they tend to be in a minority, compared to the ones in the brain, which is why the brain is usually considered the most informative site to scan.


This is what the Dr said to me after my scan (private scan) but I just keep thinking perhaps I am one of the minority.

What at other things could cause it? I’ve had routine bloods done several times and tested for RA. My B12 always comes back fine but did think whether to try a supplement to see if it makes any difference, but I don’t want to take the wrong things!

I couldn’t even begin to list all the other things that might cause it - I’d be lucky if I could name six of them!

They range from vitamin deficiencies to infectious diseases - and everything in between.

Rheumatology spectrum disorders (e.g. Hughes Syndrome, Systemic Lupus) can have quite a lot of overlap with neurology, but as you’ve already been seen by Rheumatology, I assume they would have found anything like that.

I do not think taking a B12 supplement could actually harm you (especially in the strengths available over the counter), but if your levels have been tested and found to be fine, it would seem rather pointless and a waste of money.