Cant believe it. Hubby is away for 6 days and Ive come out in the Shingles :o(

Bit worried it might have a knock on effect to the MS demon that lives in my body.

Doc has given me a prescription but am back at work tomorrow …

Any suggestions ?


Do you really HAVE to go to work? Shingles can be stress triggered and work usually makes that worse, and I think it will make you tired etc. on top of the fatigue I imagine you get anyway. From what I understand, you might get some symptoms if you are running a temperature, but that this isn’t a relapse and will pass once the temperature passes.

Another point about work is you will be contagious to anyone who has not had chicken pox, and anyone in early pregnancy can have quite serious complications if they get chicken pox, so I’m surprised work actually want you in.

Hope you get better soon.

Yes, I agree with zedsee. You absolutely should NOT be going to work. Shingles is highly contagious to the elderly, young and anyone who is immuno suppressed.

Agree with everyone else hon… you should not go to work with shingles. Can make you very poorly indeed!

Shingles are not connected to MS (as far as anyone knows) but if you have been pushing yourself too hard you will get shingles. It was the very first thing that got me to the GP after pushing myself through fatigue… and those shingles put me on the road to dx.

If they are unbearable try rubbing sensitive toothpaste on (it numbs the nerve ends). Try a small area first to make sure it’s not going to feel worse than it does already.

But really… you should call in sick, go to bed, and give yourself lots of TLC…and rest until they go.

Pat x