Shed tears ?????,

g’day folks in MSland, be honest now, how many of you shed a tear or more for the very nice utterly honest MPs who through no fault of their own, lost a modest paid, hard worked, job in a big house, you may console them at a job centre near you just now, altogether now, boohoo, boohoo, we have heard from party leaders of the loss, ehhh, now they know how most of workers feel when it happens to them, sometimes with loss of wages, altogether now, boohoo boohoo, Brian

i fought back tears this morning…i hardly ever cry for myself now…cant be arsed!

but events of this week re my carer strife has reduced me to a wobble.

cry for MPs? nah!


No, not going as far as crying but was upset that Angus Robertson lost his seat. He was the only one that took Theresa May to task at Prime Ministers question time. He will be truly missed.

Mags xx

I don’t recall shedding tears over any MPs death… with the exception of Tony Benn, there was a man who did what he promised and stuck to his principles, and was a great loss. I was upset about Jo Cox’s pointless murder, but didn’t get to the point of tears about it, more angry - it looked like she’d be a great asset to parliament, and a breath of fresh air - until some stupid person decided to put a stop to that. Loss of seat doesn’t really come into the same category.

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John Smith? That really upset/shocked me and, I remember a lot of people being really shattered by that news. Mo Mowlam dying was sad too - even though it wasn’t unexpected. I am showing my age here aren’t I?

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No, I didn’t cry for any MPs who lost their seats on Thursday but I do get a bit annoyed with people singing the “All MPs are crooked b*****ds” song. Some may be but, equally, some do enormous amounts of good for their constituents. I may be an old lefty but I got rid of the “only good Tory is a dead Tory” posters about the same time as my denim dungarees and hair crimpers :slight_smile:


I thought this thread would be about crying in the shed.


I did feel a bit sad about poor old Nick Clegg But only a bit.

Ah, John Smith - the best leader the party never got! Yeah, that was upsetting.

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I confess I was very mean spirited and chuckled when I heard he’d lost his seat… opportunistic little toerag, him. He saw the prospect of a seat in Parliament, and ‘principles’ were chucked straight out of the window! I haven’t forgiven him for enabling the utterly destructive Con-Dem govt to be in power long enough to start dismantling the welfare state.


He would have lost his seat a couple of years ago, but the Tories switched their vote to keep him in case he was useful again. The term “Quisling” springs to mind.

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