Sharps box help!

May sound really stupid so apologies in advance! After doing my copaxone injection last night I must have closed my sharps bin with some force and now it’s on the ‘final’ line. Is there no way of re opening it once it’s got to this point? Just that it’s fairly empty and trying to order new bins from the delivery company isn’t very easy! Thanks! :slight_smile: Rachel

Hi Rachel

If yours is one of the round 5ltr ones, you could try inserting a screwdriver blade (even better a paint scraper) between the sliding cover and the yellow lid where it goes over it. Ease the yellow up, and push the cover back hard.

I am told that it costs £50 to dispose of a sharps bin - could be why it is so hard to get rid of one.



I wouldn’t recommend forcing the box open as you may not be able to securely close it again which could cause concern when trying to dispose of it… I would suggest just asking for one at your gp surgery or ms dept at hospital

My gp prescribes them for me and I take it to the local chemist when it is full, that may be an option for you.

Sorry I dont know if you can open it again once it is sealed.

Pam x

they are suprisingly easy to get into with a flat head screw driver :stuck_out_tongue: and I haven’t had any problems with them after having had to get a few back open

GPs around will have nothing to do with sharps bins, neither will the chemists

It’s a pain isn’t it my husband shut my sharps bin when he brought it to hospital with my rebismart I didn’t mean to but I did tell him off lol. waiting for HCH to call for new delivery so I can request a new one. :slight_smile: keeping used needles in my tights drawer at the minute :confused: Michelle

I did this the day before my Avonex nurse came to teach me how to inject - Doh! The screwdriver definitely works, it’s just prising the lid over the lip. I’ve had to do it again since no problem

My hair comb seemed to to do the job thank goodness! Healthcare at home have been pretty poor when it comes to deliveries so didn’t need the faff of ordering anymore bits! Thanks for the tips guys :slight_smile: