Sharp pain in hand

Hello everyone

I wondered if anyone has had this happen to them regarding their hands.

Recently, I have been having weak fingers and since last week a random pain in my left hand. I first felt it on waking up which was a fright. Its hard to describe, it feels like a jolt of electric shock with sharp burning, prodding pain as if I'm been poked with hundreds of sharp needles.  It happens randomly and makes me jump to the extent that I am worried to have anything in that hand in case i drop it.

It also happened when holding something and it presses on the palm of my hand which is where it seems as if the pain jolts from.  I feel rubbish after because i realise it could be a problem and the fact that it happens randomly does not make me feel good.  Also in the last few Weeks I've had tingly feet at night. Tingling fingers and feet I've had before but this intermitting jolt of pain lasting seconds is something new.


Thank you for reading this.


Best wishes



Hi, ive not had pain in my hand like you, but i do get sharp pains near my right ribs quite often - its enough to take my breath away