Hi, I was wondering if any of you have had really severe pain in your hands that radiate down the fingers?? I have been in agony with this today… Comes in waves and hurts like hell :frowning:

I do get spasms in my fingers and in the dead centre of my palm. It only last for a few seconds but it does take my breath away - even though I’m getting used to increased levels of pain, the fingers ones can be nasty.


That’s exactly what I’m getting. And right now, my skin feels as though it’s been burnt on my left hand. Oooo…really not liking this :frowning:


I have similar symptoms but they are in my feet which can prove pretty scary when i am driving. I usually just sit them in bowl of cold water when available and they clear up super quick and I dont have to take any pain killers.

I used to get it my left hand as well which always proved funny when out dinning with friends. I used to grab all the ice out of the drinks wrap them in a cloth and then put itno my palm until the sensation stopped.

I knows its difficult sometimes to get hold of cold water or ice but if it’s available give it a try, it should shorten the sensations