Sharp pain in eye...

Hi all, Quick question… I’m undiagnosed at present after attack of transverse myelitis. Occasionally when I’m lying in bed light off but eyes stil open I get a sharp pain that lasts for a split second in one of my eyes. I don’t know why it only seems to happen when I’m lying down in bed… It doesn’t affect my vision & thankfully the pain only lasts a second then it’s gone. Do you think this could be ms related or could it just be something not related at all? Thank you for your thoughts.

Hi Sorry don’t know about the eye thing. Just wondering about the transverse myelitis. Looks like that could be what I’ve had - I have one spinal lesion and symptoms that fit - did they say what the cause might be if not ms? Hope someone else here can answer re the eye pain - sounds horrid. All the best, Clare x

Hi clare, I got diagnosed with the tm 2 years ago in November. It all happened whilst I had and was getting over a virus. My speech went funny and I completely lost the use of my right hand and wrist. Recovered fairly well still a few issues with speech sometimes but hand and wrist filly functional again. 2 small lesions on brain, negative lumber puncture, abnormal veps. Was told it could be a one off or if anything else or happens again would be ms. What happened with you ? X

I have mainly leg tingling and wobbles - now intermittent. They have ruled out alcoholic neuropathy (ha! Unlikely in my case) and diabetes. Have had spine MRI - just got the result yesterday- now referred for contrast MRI and brain so I’m pretty sure they are heading down a possible MS route - it’s pretty scary right now but I know it could be a one off … Trying not to attribute every wooly thought to cognitive symptom of ms!

What’s abnormal veps?

It’s where u have the little sticky things stuck to your head and u hav to look at a black and White tv screen to check your eye and brain responses.

Eye pain is a symptom of optic neuritis (ON) so it could be ms related but, of course, it may not be.

With ON, from what I’ve read as a sufferer, the pain is usually associated with eye movement and may not be while vision is affected. If the pain persists I’d go to the GP or an optician the TM would be a relevant bit of information. I had pain on eye movement wile vision was affected.

Of course if you have a direct line to nuro or othalmologist they woul be the ones to contact.

Hoping it is something simple,


Hi, Eye pain can be caused by many different things, at one time I had Iritis that is painful, then I had Uveitis which is also painful I could go on but what I would suggest is that you see an Opthalmolagist as soon as possible, then things can be ruled out and a possible dx be given. Wishing you good luck. Janet x

Can anyone help me? Have only just found out i have MS. Was told that they had enough evidence and that i didnt need to have a LP. But then was asked if i wanted to have it done! Totally confused!