Pain behind left eye - MS sympton??

Hi, Over the last few weeks I have developed pain behind my left eye. It is a constant dull pain, I wake up OK but then it gets worse and worse as day goes on.

Is this a MS sympton? I am currently going through tests for MS. My legs went numb before xmas and I have had a spinal MRI and have lesions ( dx -transverse mylitis). I am having a brain MRI next week then have follow up with neuro 2 wks after that. The neuro I saw before said I would know before anyone if I had more symptoms and then a dx of MS would be inevitable. Is this what this is?

I have thought about ON but I havn't lost my sight or anything, its just a constant pain , somethimes my whole left side of my face hurts. I have been to GP a week ago and he gave me some drops that have had no effect. Am now worrying myself stupid I have a brain tumor or something truely awfully wrong with me.... Can't wait for the brain MRI to put my mind at rest.

Thanks for listening.

Hi Vicky, Sorry to hear you are having such a time with your eye. I to suffered badly with terrible pain in my eyes. I can recall going to bed with it at one time and the pain kept coming and going and I felt sick, but that was because of the amount of pain. My left leg went numb a long time ago now, but all the same it did.

Now I'm not saying you have got MS as I'm not a neuro,  my advice is wait, have your scan, and see an expert on eyes. When my eyes were really bad I was given a course of oral steroids, it helped heaps.

Wish you luck with your scan, will be thinking of you.

Janet x

Hiya..Sorrry to hear you have eye pain..ouch..I would ask your gp to refer you to get the eye pain checked out by an opthalmic dr.. best not to leave least the eye dr can check it out and its worth mentioning to your neuro..I have had ON in left aye and now the  right..visual probs can range from very mild to severe..with some colour loss but sometimes that is not immediately obvious..the eye dr will dilate your pupils and look at the back of the eye, check your eye pressures and see the optic nerve etc...

good luck with the brain scan too..try not to worry..easier said than done..


I think that ON can present as pain only, but you really need to see an ophthalmologist to be sure. Your GP can refer you to an eye hospital. Some of them have walk-in clinics so you can see someone urgently (you still need a referral letter from your GP though). It would be good to see someone before you see the neuro again.


@Mary: could your "an intermittent sharp stabbing pain" be ice pick headache?


Karen x