Sharp breathtaking pain in the nether regions

Hi Everyone,
I have just experienced the most excruciating pain inside my
private’s that it’s made me cry with pain and shock,
it’s as though someone is stabbing me up and in, it’s the
only way I can explain it, and I feel as though I need to pee, but
the feeling isn’t in my bladder…sorry if this doesn’t make sense
I can’t think of any other way to describe it…
Any advice please.
Hugs galore

ouch !! ive had that, also a pain right in my bottom too,it went off quickly thank goodness,have you checked for a UTI though, better to be safe than sorry,

good to see you here on the new forum,i hardly know anyone now,hope your pain goes off very soon,.

jaki xx

Hi Jo,It maybe nerve related,we have nerve endings everywhere on our body and as you know ms works on our nervous system,I have had a slight pain that went away very quickly.If it continues maybe ask your ms nurse,if you have one or gp.hope this helps.take care.helen.x

Sorry for the late reply.

Thankyou for your replies…
Touchwood the pain hasn’t returned since I posted.

Love n hugs to you all

I get this quite a bit (front and back). Very painful :frowning:

No idea what can be done about it, but wanted to let you know that you’re not alone!

Karen x


Hi, most probably nerve pain from MS. I get it sometimes… BUT please see GP as soon as poss as might be infection. Should never assume it’s MS.

Hope it goes away soon. Awful for you.

Pat x

Ouch! I get this too, front and back bits… feels like a cattle prod has been jammed inside me.Thankfully it only lasts for seconds.