Sharon Osbourne's quote.....

She has been quoted as saying, “I won’t let my son die”.

Now I had hoped they would be good at educating people about MS but this is just rubbish. YES I can not see the article as it only the cover of People magazine I have seen this on so it might go on to explain more but the cover is the only bit most people see.

It has really annoyed me as my son saw it and is now asking me a lot of questions

Lindsay x


Am sure most Mums would say the same.....................

Then sooner or later when reality kicks in and she realises that theres some things money cant buy she will realise its not up to her what happens to her son and she has no control over it.

My brother reacted in a similar way-he wanted to 'fix' me-he now realises and accepts/supports my way of living (which is different from staying alive!)

Media-pros and cons eh?

Take care,Ellie x


Hi Lindsey,


Very strongly agree with you; it’s purely the media sensualising for the reader.


Take the Purdy affair; all she wanted was her husband not to be prosecuted if he took her to ‘Dignitas.’  The media played on the ‘Dignitas’ angle; how many young minds are going ‘my mums going to die.’


MS is not a death sentence; I was diagnosed 40 years ago; not the longest on here.   I’m 62 and going to live to 100; MS is NOT a stop sign; its traffic humps.



Hi, yes agree with others. She might have said that but in much larger context... but of course they pick the most sensational words and headline it. I'm sure she must be furious as no doubt the family are trying to reassure him!

Pat x

Sharon also questioned if it was something she did when she was pregnant that caused Jack's MS.

Had to explain to my daughters it was nothing to do with pregnancy. My Mum felt very guilty until I reassured her 

that it was nothing to do with her and she was a fantastic support to me and always would be.

Wouldn't wish it on anyone but hope some good comes out of the Jack Osbourne's MS.

Jen x

Hi George, I really like your comment not a stop sign; traffic humps. May I borrow that? My slogan is; i may be broken, but Im still here``.

luv POoll

You guys know you can die because of MS right? MS itself may not be the cause but it can be the reason.

Other people may tell me it's the fall down the stairs or the food I tried to swallow that killed me but that won't be much comfort to me now will it?

Is MS terminal? no, can you die as a result of having it? yes.

My mother had severe MS - technically it was a chest infection that killed her. I consider myself very lucky that my MS is not following the same path as hers did.

I still don’t get what Sharon Osbourne thinks she’s going to do to stop Jack dying - MS or not. Talk about over-sensationalising a story!

Luisa x

Frostpaw your totally right BUT you could really say that about anything. A simple UTI untreated could kill anyone, a simple routine operation could kill too.

If she has gone on to explain this properly in the article then it wouldn’t be too bad but I just don’t like the way they used this quote for the front of the mag. Yes it will get peoples attention but I don’t really want my son seeing it and not understanding what it actually means.

Luisa, yes they might have lots of money but in the end if the disease wants to be harsh on him there is nothing anyone can do to stop it

The ultimate cause of death for all humans is a "A lack of breath", so if Shazza and the Prince of Darkness have found a loophole, we need to know.........................All of humanity.



i think its just a natural reaction for mrs ozz to say that. i mean when i first got my DX i thought 'thats it im dying'. you see i didnt know anything about MS and im sure its just the same for them. as the time goes on they will learn more and their outlook will change and im sure they will see things differant as they get a little more educated on this awfull thing that we live with.

anyway i do wish him well as he does seem to have turned out to be a fine young man.

How about asking The Prince of Darkness to be the MSS Patron; WOW thats advertising!



Love it George!cool

George,that is the bestest thing I've ever heard WE would be so cool having the PoD as the Man.Nobody would try and slip onto here to 'try it on', and I would go to MS Live next year


Could I be his Buddy?



I’m absolutely sure this is all it comes down to - a mother’s protective comment based on sheer panic and lack of knowledge. When my GP told me it’s likely I have MS I said “I can’t have MS I’m not short and fat and in a wheelchair!!”

VERY VERY VERY embarrassed about that now

Hi all

I agree about Sharon O's comment being a panic reaction as well as an unedited gut reaction to some not so nice news. However, it has been reported that Sharon's brother had/has MS so who knows. Perhaps a little knowledge is a dangerous thing?

I read an interesting article in today's Sunday Telegraph. Search for Alasdair Palmer's article, MS is not a death sentence. Mr Palmer lives with MS unlike many others who have come out of the woodwork with comments since Jack's announcement .



Just sent this to MSS.



With reference to the society not having a Patron since Princess Alice passed away 10 years ago.  Does the society understand how much free advertising; contacts we are not getting.
We are not privy obviously to your endeavours to fill this post.  May I suggest Ambassadors with a 5 year term of office?  Also Marvin of JLS boy band and Ozzy and Sharron Osborne meet the requirements of the society so please inquire before any other Charity ask.
George Goodger
Ex MSS Trustee


Just had a look-love what he said- One of the other good pieces of advice I have received is to ignore advice. It is surprising how many people turn out to know what needs to be done to cure MS or to ameliorate its symptoms


Ellie x

Hi Ellie

Glad you checked out the article, thanks for letting me know happy2

George-very good post, I hope the powers that be listen.

Tu x




she cant help?. do any of you who say they cant have an idea of just how much money that family have. More funding to MS reserch eaven if it is in the U.S can not be a bad thing for any of us. I wouldnt be suprised if they started trying to privatly fund stem cell reserch. i know is frowned upon but ultimatly it will be the thing that will cure us not just slow the onset. And im more than sure a cure is what we all want realy rarther than a few extra years of discomfort and stress.