Shaky hands

Just have a question I hope someone can answer.

I have always had shaky hands ever since I ws a child which my mum just put down to nerves. My handwriting is appaling and like a spider scrawl. I have recently noticed that my hands wont do what I want them too.I struggle with computer stuff doing buttons or zips on my clothes and often have problems tying my shoe laces.

I recently completed a level 1 qualification in British sign language and sometimes have problems forming the signs as my hands just wont do what I want them too in order to form the required sign.

Does anybody else have problems with their hands like this?

Hi Jon, yes it can be a problem with MS. I get it sometimes but luckily mine comes and goes. Sometimes my hands just don’t do what I want them to. It’s such a strange sensation as there’s like a disconnection between hands and brain so it sort of surprises me that my hands aren’t doing what I want.

When did you last see a neuro Jon? There is a drug that can help tremor, can’t remember what it’s called, but I think you should try and see and neuro.

Hope you’re doing ok… and well done you completing level 1 British sign language. Such an accomplishment as it’s so hard to motivate yourself to do anything with this damn ppms.

Take care,

Pat x

Hiya…my neuro rehab nurse is trying me with some fingerless gloves that are designed for people with nerve damage and they are supposed to help you to do fiddly things when your hands wont behave.

I havent got them yet but will let you know.


They tried ‘Propanalol’ with me and it made me feel weird… I came to the decision that yet another symptom I’ll have to live with. It can be funny sometimes (not often) when food jumps of my plate OR trying to put a key in the lock. I see my Neuro in August, I’ll keep you posted. Don’t use this as an excuse to ‘sign’ rude words, like how F**King awful is MS. Take care, M

Hi Jon,

I have not been diagnosed yet however I have shaky hands, my GP prescribed me Pramipexole which is an anti-parkinsons tablet, they do help a little however they take about 3 hours too kick in and the resulting relief is for about 2-3 hours, so not sure whether they are that beneficial.

I read that hellMS took Propananol, I take them for my heart as they are a beta blocker to regulate the heart into a regular heart beat so not sure why they would be given for shaky hands.I think my problem is intentional tremor as it gets worse when using the arms hands outstretched or point at things, does anyone get pins and needles in their hands too?

Thanks Andy

Hi Jon i have had of shaky hands but i tend to drop things rather shake.

It is not uncomon with ms but chin up and just deal with it when it happens only you will no what to do.

The main is that you take advice from your MS nurse

Keep going just one day at a time and we are all here to help, i know i have received a lot of support from this site.

Cheers Mark

Hi Andy, just to say yes, I get pins and needles in my hands and in other places too… I sometimes get them on the tip of my nose and on my tongue! Not nice !!!

Can be caused by MS but other things can cause it too.

Mark has good advice, one day at a time and this gang is very supportive!

Pat x

Hi Jon, I have shaky hands been constant for the last 9 months ( on/off previously) for me it’s an Intentional tremor…eating peas with a fork makes my missus giggle and my cat enjoys playing with the peas when they have bounced off the plate and rolled off the table on to the floor :slight_smile: Allen x