shaking left leg

I was a bit shocked to discover my left leg shakes if I lie down and raise my leg. I tried to shave my legs in the bath last night and found the higher I lifted my left leg the worse the shaking became. My right leg is fine. But the left one is very heavy and shakey, ans only if Im lying down.

Im wondering should I see my gp or am I over reacting. Has anyone else experienced this I cant help think Im being super sensitive

I have had this since my symptoms started in 2005, it gets worse with exercise. I am not sure what it is, but there is no harm in seeing your GP, let me know what they say please.


Thanks its good to know im not going mad. My dizziness is getting pretty bad as well thankfully its only when I lie down. Ill speak to doctor tomorrow and ill let you know. I really do feel crap

I have this as well but I had a drop foot it’s really really bad in this cold weather shakes when I walk horrible!! Emma x

My leg shakes when lifted and when I lie down, that was my first symptom I experienced with my M.S as noticed whilst in the bath when I lifted my leg it had a mind of its own. I would speak to your G.P as I didn’t when it started and it didn’t become worse so your best to get them to check you over. Take care Polly x

Thanks for all your replies, its hard to know what to speak to the doctors about without feeling like a nusiance. I dont think my leg shakes so much in the morning its more as the day goes on. This is why Im wondering if its ms related. The dizziness is still as bad when I lie down but I have a dull headache thats making me feel a bit foggy. It really is so hard to know what to do for the best.