Leg temble

I’m awaiting my lp results next week which the neuro believes will replace his 99.9% verdict to 100% Ms diagnosis. I have recently noticed that when I’m sitting in a position with my legs in front of me that my legs begin to tremble but if I move them they stop, is this a symptom of Ms also. My legs do seem a little weaker lately as I need to hold the banister coming down stairs as I feel I’m going to fall.

Hi yes it can happen in MS but there are other causes. Mine started 10 years ago and I ended up having hip replacements in my 30s. (7 years before my MS diagnosis). My wife also had it and it turned out to be disc issues in her spine. Your GP or Neuro may offer a nerve medication like gabapentin or pregabalin which may help. Fingers crossed it’s something very simple and not MS related. Good luck.

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Thanks pops for your reply, I’ve also noticed it in my arms sometimes too, time will tell I suppose.